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Katrina Collier is recognised globally as an expert on social recruiting. From SMEs to global corporates, she has trained countless HR and Recruitment professionals around the world to recruit on social media. From recruitment newbies to dedicated sourcers, from dinosaurs to the socially savvy. With 10+ years of social recruiting and full-cycle recruitment experience, she's passionate about social sourcing, employer branding and candidate engagement. Get in touch and ease the pain of your recruitment.  

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Recruiter, Listen Up! LinkedIn’s New User Agreement Is Out

Last week you accepted LinkedIn’s new User Agreement. Instead of working on improving their fairly inactive user base, they have found more ways to hinder the ability of “the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” So much so, that simply by suggesting to a job seeker earlier that he send a lovely personalised


3 Creative Ways To Liven Dull Job Posts

Would you stop and apply to your own job posts or walk on by? We’re recruiters right? Not creatives or marketers! Why does it have to be so hard to get attention focused on our job posts? Thankfully, there are some recruiters trying different social media methods and I’ve found 3 you can emulate or


Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

Though it’s been possible to stream live on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook Live for some time now, it’s still underused in recruitment and considering how much we recruiters like free tools, that’s a lost opportunity! Streaming is a great way to give people a look inside your company; using genuine employee generated content to attract new


Is Ruling Out Hiring On Facebook The Right Move?

What if ignoring hiring on Facebook cost your company financially? What if your opinion of hiring on Facebook meant you missed out on someone who went on to be the most valuable employee at your company or for your client? What if deciding it was too noisy, too unprofessional, too distracting, too hard or a plethora


New Year, New Look LinkedIn

What do you make of the new look LinkedIn? Well finally last week I received my new look LinkedIn Premium account, it’s certainly taken some getting my head around! Now I have had a week to play with it, I’ve put together this video to give you my thoughts and to hopefully save you some time. It’s


What If LinkedIn Was Gone Tomorrow?

What would you do if LinkedIn shut shop? What an unexpected year 2016 has been. Who’d have thought we’d be ending the year with Brexit looming & Trump as President-elect? It just shows how little is in our control. Did you see all the LinkedIn takeaways coming? I sure did, I’ve been writing about LinkedIn removing


Hello Talent Saves You From Lost LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn Taketh & LinkedIn Taketh Away As 2016 draws to a close and most are feeling festive and generous, LinkedIn is again taking features away. It seems I am not the only one irritated about it as my rant post, Recruiters, would you accept this from any other service provider?, has kept me busy answering comments. What I have found so incredible


Your Easiest Talent Attraction Tool: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, a talent attraction tool? Of course! Two (more) things I love about technology: People can see how many job opportunities are out there, and it opens the door to your company so you have to look after your people!   Employee engagement didn’t matter when I started working. Such a change to the working


The Simple Solution To Awkward Facebook Friend Requests

The dilemma of awkward Facebook friend requests! Do you accept? What if you don’t? They’re a colleague or a client and it’s my personal space. What do you do? Maybe I am just in a social recruiting bubble but I truly think that more and more people are conducting business on Facebook. No longer is it a


Employee Generated Content, Love It!

Employee generated content cannot be ignored. It’s here. It’s staying. It’s a brilliant opportunity, when it’s real. I know as we near the end of 2016 that many companies are still terrified of what their employees are saying online. Many still want to gag them. But the fact is, your employees are talking about you


Is This The Easiest Way To Improve Candidate Response Rates?

Is that a picture of a phone? Confused as to why a social recruiting expert, who can teach you how to dig into social media to find conversation starters that dramatically improve candidate response rates, is sharing a picture of a mobile phone? Because calling a candidate will give you the fastest response rate, and


How To Personalise A LinkedIn App Connection Request

This may be a pointless post… It’s weird to be writing a post titled “How To Personalise A LinkedIn App Connection Request” because LinkedIn is introducing changes that may be the final nail in its coffin. According to the rumour-mill, it’s removing advanced search and rich media on profiles from free users and making all


Textio Helps You Improve Gender Diversity In A Snap

Diversity is such a hot recruitment topic & pain point It’s also a broad topic, covering ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion. And then there are our diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. So today I am helping you tackle just one, gender diversity. Gender diversity, which is what Textio


The Easiest Way To Stop Great People Applying To Your Jobs

Do the people you want to recruit even own a personal computer? Not a work one, one of their very own. One they’d use for personal things like… applying for a new job. (You want ethical people right?) I am honoured to be judging the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) but I was harsh in my


Still Baffled By Hashtags? Master Them Here

Those pesky #s, otherwise known as Hashtags, definitely cause confusion. It’s not surprising, most people associate hashtags with Twitter and if you haven’t got your head around tweeting, hashtags would seem confusing. Thankfully they’re not. It’s very simple, adding # before the word makes it a clickable link and it groups terms together. So using #recruitment would help


How automation ruins Twitter list building!

Why can’t I automate my Twitter list building? Because, quite simply, it doesn’t work. Creating a Twitter list based on somebody’s (potentially one off) use of a hashtag will only lead to a low quality list and that’s pointless, especially if you’re using Twitter lists for talent pooling. Twitter lists allow you to segment the people you’re


Recap Will Give Recruiters An Edge

Chrome extension Recap will save you time & give you the upper hand Chrome extensions are only valuable to you as a recruiter if you know how to use them to give yourself the edge. There are hundreds of them and they make uncovering social profiles and contact details child’s play. And that’s the problem, used incorrectly they create


Social Stories: Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Instagram Stories or Snapchat, well it depends Rather than proffer my initial thoughts on the Snapchat clone Instagram Stories, I’ve waited a month since their launch. My opinion hasn’t changed too much, they’re still a poorly substitute to Snapchat, which I love seeing Recruiters use to create social stories. Around the same time Snapchat integrated Bitmoji and I’ve had a lot


You Can Recruit On Snapchat, How?

Really, you can recruit on snapchat? To be honest, just last month I spoke at RecruitDC in front of 300 Recruiters and said, “I don’t get it!” …’cause I hadn’t seen anyone actually recruit on Snapchat! Nor did I find the app easy to use. And then on the nagging advice of some savvy-snappers, I gave


How To Write A Twitter Bio

How do I write my Twitter bio? It’s the number one question I get in training especially when you plan to useTwitter for the purpose of recruitment. It’s true, it’s not easy to write your Twitter bio. But it matters if you want to grow a following of (the right) people! You have seconds to make an impression and


The Searchologist – Same Great Training, A Better Fitting Name!

If the shoe don’t fit this social recruiting training… When I set out on this journey over 6 years ago, I started by helping Job Seekers make great use of social media. I remember so clearly tossing around potential company names with my mate Stuart and and the excitement that came from selecting Winning Impression. It made sense… then.


Are Facebook Reviews Damaging Your Hiring?

Think Facebook reviews don’t matter? Think again. In the last 5 months I’ve trained and spoken in 4 different continents, it’s been a whirlwind and truly amazing. Nearly all of the HR & Recruitment professionals I have encountered in this time are actively using Facebook to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. The same could not


Facebook’s Expanded Search, Good Or Bad?

What will Facebook’s expanded search reveal about you? Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook continues to go from strength-to-strength because they really understand that keeping users on their site and active is essential to their future. Where LinkedIn only permits you to search for long form posts (posts on their blogging platform) and removed Signal, which allowed you


Want To Hire On Twitter Successfully?

Pass the 6-second test! Over the last few months I’ve had the honour to travel to Sydney, Auckland & Amsterdam to speak at SOSU Sourcing Summits and to Dallas to speak at SourceCon, which has led to an uptick in my Twitter followers. And consistently I’ve seen one error that is holding back Recruiters from


3 Things To Know About The LinkedIn Messaging, Right Now!

3 Impacts Of The New LinkedIn Messaging To be fair, we humans are creatures of habit and most of us don’t like change, so hearing negative feedback about the new LinkedIn messaging platform overhaul is probably to be expected but, oh my, what were they thinking? Some of it makes no sense and is only


4 Ways Recruiters Add Value To Candidates

What do you find candidates value most in a recruiter? A headhunter asked me this earlier and went on to say: For example, I love weight training and playing rugby so I follow Personal Trainers on YouTube who give me plenty of free training advice. Is there a parallel of that example (me seeking the free


Monitor your brand & avoid a hiring disaster

Would you withdraw a job offer based on online behaviour? When I read this article, “The CEO of Zenefits had a brilliant response to an engineer who waffled about a job offer on Quora“, I could only congratulate Parker Conrad on his swift and decisive action to avoid a hiring disaster. Because why would you hire someone who


Avoid The Bite: The Right Way To Engage Technical Talent

Last week I had a lot of fun presenting a webinar for Jobscience on one of my favourite topics, recruiting technical talent. Of course my co-host, Bennett Sung, knowing me too well had to incorporate a dog theme! The theme fits. If you missed it, watch it here “How To Engage Technical Talent & Make Them Your Best Friend” This post


Recruiter, Are You Worth Talking To?

The world has become so incredibly noisy and demanding. Instant. Last week I was chatting on Skype with a non-recruitment friend, unaware of what was going on in his world, when the stress of it all became too much. He snapped. It was out of character and happened because he was also being bombarded by email, phone,


Shock As Gen X’er Is Exposed As A Millennial!

Nothing irks more than a gross generalisation, yet people are always doing it. Being an Aussie in London, I am forever being told, “Oh you Aussies are… ” something or other. Really? I’m just the same as all 23.8 million Australians? If it’s not race, it’s religion, it’s short, it’s tall, it’s male, it’s female or


Social Collaboration & Breathing Life Into Dinosaurs

Is social collaboration just fantasy or possible? As Moderator for the Social Collaboration track at #HRTechEurope, it was lovely to come out of my social recruiting bubble and see the wider user of social media in the workplace. As a member of the Blog Squad, I loved the buzz of our press room and the fab conversation happening


Has Sharing LinkedIn Updates Become Pointless?

Organic LinkedIn updates are near invisible! I’ve been going on and on about this for 18 months now. Organic LinkedIn updates – the updates we post ourselves – are becoming a waste of time. Of course I was ignored, LinkedIn doesn’t care about little old me. Nor do they care about any of their members, which


5 Lessons Learned From That Job Post Fail

Want to avoid making a job post fail? Like you, I see lots of stuff on LinkedIn that makes me cringe or simply wonder if I’m actually on Facebook. But when I saw that secretary job post, I was horrified!!! I simply couldn’t comprehend that a woman would do that to another woman or that she


Can You Love Your ATS? No, really.

At TruLondon last week, Lisa Scales from TribePad led a track called “You’ve lost that loving feeling, fall back in love with your ATS and stop hating.” With upcoming HRTech and my disdain for any ATS or recruitment database spitting jobs out onto social media willy nilly, I simply had to sit in.     Recruiters


How To Avoid Direct Sourcing Disasters!

When direct sourcing goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Social media has made direct sourcing an In-house Recruiter’s dream… and a nightmare. Because as much as you can approach passive candidates and promote your employer brand, your hiring manager can destroy your efforts with the experience he/she gives your candidates. And it’s you that looks bad even though it’s the


Write Job Post Headlines Like A Pro

Do you write job post headlines that grab attention? Due in the main to social media, our attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds. That’s shorter than a goldfish! Have you considered this when writing your job posts? Caveat This may seem an ironic blog when I’m usually going on and on, and on, and on, about


Secrets Of Top HR & Recruiting Twitter Influencers

Want to be a Twitter influencer? Being a Twitter influencer is really useful, whether you’re in HR, a recruiter, a job seeker or using Twitter for some other reason. But why be one? Before I launch into the how, let’s look at the why. It allows you to open opportunities that are out of your reach on


How To Use Instagram For Recruitment With Ease

You’re not using Instagram for recruitment? As an Instagram addict, let me try and persuade you to tap into its 400 million active users. So who uses Instagram? 26% of all online adults 53% of young online adults aged 18 – 29 …and they’re an active lot. 49% of users visit daily, which as you can see above


Successful Technical Recruitment Is A Long Game

Did you see the recent article in Recruitment Grapevine where Rethink Group talked about their evolution into a Recruitment 2.0 partner? They have realised they need to evolve to stay valuable to their clients. Proper partnering from recruitment through to retention. If only the cowboy technical recruitment agencies would take a leaf out of Rethink’s book and cease this kind


Facebook At Work: Beyond The Hype

Facebook At Work is in the app store, but what does that mean? In its own words, “Facebook at Work lets you create a work account that is separate from your personal Facebook account. With a Facebook at Work account, you can use Facebook tools to interact with co-workers. Things you share using your work


Recruiting on LinkedIn? This is for you!

Recruiting on LinkedIn, without a recruiter license? Read on! Have a recruiter license? Read on anyway. Announced last week, LinkedIn is “increasing the visibility of your extended network in search” Hoorah, to those of us who search infrequently as (when it’s eventually rolled out) we will have full visibility of our 3rd level connections. However,


Is Judgement By Appearance Rife In Social Recruitment?

Is judgement by appearance exclusive to social media recruitment? Or is it rife in all parts of the recruitment process? Isn’t it human nature to look at something and make a snap decision based on how it makes us feel? For example, I recently considered walking into a shop but the group of men standing outside


Social & Mobile Recruiting Go Hand In Hand!

Try this! At a recent AIA Worldwide in-house recruitment event, we were asked to test out applying for a job on our own career site using our mobile phones. The results were nothing short of a disaster! Many are ignoring the fact that social & mobile recruiting work together. Have you tried applying for one of your own jobs


Share The Social Recruiting Love!

Do you care about your followers & fans? To build your fan base, following, tribe, whatever you want to call it, takes time. It’s time well spent because it improves quality of hire, cultural fit, retention, productivity and, of course, saves a bucket load of cash. So why do companies build their following and then ignore


Social Recruiting, It’s Personal.

Social recruiting is a conversation between you and your potential hire. Success comes from remembering that though social media is a public medium it’s not a broadcast channel like traditional job board advertising. Keep it personal, as you would if you were recruiting via the phone.   Remember back in the day, when your phone was your fastest source of communication?


‘Tis The Season To Speak To Your Business

Want to blast your social media recruitment to the next level? Take advantage of the party season and get out and talk to the people in your business. Really you should be doing it all year around but if not, now’s a great time to start! And here’s why…   The more you understand the job,


It’s Time To Smarten Up Your Company’s Social Reputation!

Does your company’s social reputation pass muster? No doubt many personal reputations were sullied last Friday on what did indeed turn out to be a dark day! With unsavoury behaviour caught on video and likely to be doing the social media rounds for years to come. This time however, it’s time to smarten up your company’s reputation. As


Want Better Social Media Engagement? Add Some Sparkle!

Want better candidate engagement? In the same way that you can share too much of the wrong stuff, you can share too little of the right stuff! In 2015, finding people online won’t be your problem. Getting their response will be. If you want to improve your candidate response rate you need to look like somebody


Recruiters, Are You Ready For Your Social Media Inspection?

Will you pass a social media inspection? Can you believe in 6 weeks we’ll be about to celebrate the start of 2015? 2014 has flown by and it’s starting to feel festive. So with this being the 7th last Wednesday of the year, here begins a series of 7 posts that will boost your social recruiting right


Job Seeker Behaviours Social Recruiters Ignore!

Social Recruiters, step out of your social bubble. It’s very easy in the day-to-day of our roles to be swayed by the noise of a very loud marketing team telling you that they are the answer to your social recruiting prayers. So let’s take a moment to step out of the social world. Is it possible