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social recruiting facts

Before You Act, Check The Social Recruiting Facts!

Not checking your social recruiting facts? Watch out if you are blindly following someone else's advice! Your social media accounts could end up blocked or even deleted. It's brilliant that Recruiters and Sourcers collaborate and exchange ideas. That they're curious ...
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LinkedIn User Agreement

Recruiter, Listen Up! LinkedIn’s New User Agreement Is Out

Last week you accepted LinkedIn's new User Agreement. Instead of working on improving their fairly inactive user base, they have found more ways to hinder the ability of "the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful." So much so, ...
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Creative Job Posts

3 Creative Ways To Liven Dull Job Posts

Would you stop and apply to your own job posts or walk on by? We're recruiters right? Not creatives or marketers! Why does it have to be so hard to get attention focused on our job posts? Thankfully, there are ...
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Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

Though it's been possible to stream live on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook Live for some time now, it's still underused in recruitment and considering how much we recruiters like free tools, that's a lost opportunity! Streaming is a great way to ...
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hiring on Facebook

Is Ruling Out Hiring On Facebook The Right Move?

What if ignoring hiring on Facebook cost your company financially? What if your opinion of hiring on Facebook meant you missed out on someone who went on to be the most valuable employee at your company or for your client? What ...
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New Look LinkedIn

New Year, New Look LinkedIn

What do you make of the new look LinkedIn? Well finally last week I received my new look LinkedIn Premium account, it's certainly taken some getting my head around! Now I have had a week to play with it, I've put together ...
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