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Surprisingly, you can source on Instagram

You may think that Instagram is just a mobile app that takes your basic iPhone or Android photo and transforms it into something verging on professional but as Instagram has just reached 80 million users it must be doing something right.

Instagram is seen as a serious player by Facebook (after all they did pay $1 billion for it!!) and recent Twitter antics show they’re taking it seriously too.


How can you use Instagram for recruitment?

It looks to have its uses for both companies and job seekers, allowing you to offer insight and show off your interests or creativity.

Setting yourself up on Instagram is easy and, like on Twitter, you can be professional yet light-hearted with your profile. Find mine at @winningimpress.

I’ve used the Emoji keyboard to inject colour and fun into my profile, saving valuable characters.

I feel that it’s easy to get set up and share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare but what I see as challenging is finding a way to engage, increase followers and receive “likes”.

For help, I asked my Internal Recruiter friend Lisa @sugarsnapshots how she has done this so well.

Lisa feels that her followers have grown by using hashtags and by keeping an eye on her notifications and thanking the people who have taken the time to make a comment. She hasn’t used it as a place to source, for her it’s a place to share her love of photography. Her olloclip enabled shots are breathtaking.

Getting started.

Like Twitter, you’ll want to follow people first and, by complimenting their photos, you’ll soon see them following you back.

You can find followers in your location or business by pressing the blue icon above location-tagged photos, like Steve @99gr81 has done below. This could be handy if you work in a large firm and want to get your employees involved.

source on instagram

source on instagram


Look how GE took an Instagram competition to YouTube and Facebook.



Could you do something similar to attract talent to your job opportunity?


But what about sourcing?

At this stage it appears that users’ bios are not searchable, assuming that they’ve even been filled out.

source on instagram

source on instagram


However, you can search hashtags and you can also search for people. Look what searching for developers brought up.

Perfect for an IT Recruiter and what a great insight Ardent offer into their company.


Have I made my case, will you be giving it a try or have you already tried Instagram? Are you an addict like me? What has worked, what has not?

…and what about the accessory apps like InstaCollage, InstaFrame, ColorSpash, iWatermark, have you used any of these?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and, if you feel this has been of use, please pass it on.



How do you source on Instagram?


Twitter Feedback:

Interesting comment in from Katie McNab , and she makes a fair point, be careful how you approach your candidate!


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