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LinkedIn have taking away down to a fine art.

We are only 14 days into 2014 and they’re at it again.

This time they’ve removed LinkedIn Recruiters’ ability to send mass mailings to group members, something those with a paid Recruiter license could do.

To be honest, I think this is wise as a lot of LinkedIn user fatigue comes from being on the receiving end of irrelevant messages but that’s really not the point when you’re paying a fortune for the license.


Some other features removed from paying members include:

  • In April, they introduced a new tagging feature but what’s the point of it now when last month they removed your Recent Activity from the desktop version. This makes it difficult for you to show off your jobs or assess jobseekers interests by their activity, well unless you also look them up on an iPad where it’s still showing… for now.
  • LinkedIn Signal – which was super useful for jobseekers who used it to search for your status updates. Gone. They can’t easily find your job posts now.
  • A job seeker can no longer see the salary band on your paid job posting unless they also pay!!
  • As a paying member you can send free InMails to others on the Openlink network but the search facility has been broken for over a year, how convenient.
  • I miss LinkedIn events too, which went in 2012.
  • On a good note, we did lose that blue box suggesting you endorse people you barely know. Yeehaa, they got one right.


To be fair, there have been some additions:

  • Without proper communication LinkedIn introduced the overkill that is SWAM. If a Group Manager sends your post to the submission queue or kicks you out of a group, every single post or comment you make on ALL of your groups is sent to the submission queue. This makes it hard to network or share (free) job discussions. (Read about it here)
  • 13 year olds can now join the network. Pur-lease, who do they think they are, Snapchat?
  • Who’s Viewed Your Updates, which could be handy but personally I think it simply highlights how few users are active. (Read my blog on it here)
  • LinkedIn Influencers, I’m not a fan but many are.
  • LinkedIn Contacts is definitely better than its predecessor but part of the free offering anyway.
  • Company Showcase Pages, which a few are using well for Employer Branding.


Let me be clear.

I am not completely anti LinkedIn. I am anti their overhyped marketing that tells you that they are the sole answer to your social media recruitment needs.

They are not.

LinkedIn Recruiters Takeaways

LinkedIn ignore the key Social Recruiting players who could advise them on what Recruiters really need and instead focus on their shareholders.

Talent Solutions is 58% of their revenue [updated Jun 1, 2014], so you’d think they would be doing more to keep their clients happy.

And HT to for reminding me “that 52% of LinkedIn users visit the site less than once per week” compared to 60% of Facebook’s users checking in daily.

Final thought, according to Adobe’s post Which Social Network Should You Care About in 2014? there are

  • Facebook 1.4 billion users
  • YouTube 1 billion users (…and they’re bring migrated to easy-to-email-Google+)
  • Twitter 500 million users
  • Google+ 540 million users (…who you can simply email)
  • LinkedIn… just 259 million users.

The first 4 networks are free to use. It’s free to contact members of YouTube, Twitter & Google+ and peanuts to deliver a message to the main inbox on Facebook.

LinkedIn cares little about its paying members, so are your future recruits really on LinkedIn?

Users are fickle too, remember MySpace?

LinkedIn Recruiters, spread your social net.


Update June 2014: Recent Activity is back! (Thank you Adam)




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