Social Job Spraying ≠ Social Recruiting

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Broadcasting your job on social media isn’t social recruiting

Recently, I was asked to speak about social recruitment at a conference for executive level HR professionals from global blue chips… if I wanted to pay a 5 figure sum for the privilege. Personally, I don’t think it’s in the best interest of delegates to charge keynote speakers as it leads to ‘selling from stage’ but I digress….

When I declined, I was told that they had been approached by a recruitment tech company so would probably use them. This, of course, sent me into lecture mode! (I know some of you just ducked for cover…)

Just because a company knows how to blast your job directly from your ATS onto multiple social media sites doesn’t mean that they have the first clue about what is involved in social recruitment.

Because social distribution isn’t social recruiting.

Social recruiting falls into two different categories. The first is internet sourcing using social media profiles, blogs, and online communities to find and search for passive candidate data and information. The second is social distribution. This involves using social media platforms and networks as a means to distribute jobs. Source: Wikipedia

Consider this…

Does it feel social when they break to an advert in the middle of your favourite TV show? Do you mute the adds or even record the show so you can fast forward through them later? Do you upgrade to Spotify premium because the adds are annoying? Do you use Adblock to stop adverts on websites?

So why do you think you should broadcast your jobs willy nilly on social networks?

That isn’t social recruitment it’s broadcast recruitment!



You may be thinking that it would be foolish not to share your job with your network and indeed it would be. It’s all about how you do it.

Using LinkedIn as an example, if all you do is post job updates your connections can simply hide you or remove you as a connection… and it takes only one click to do it. See the screen grab below. (Ignoring the overuse of hashtags on LinkedIn…)

social recruiting

And now they’ve removed Signal, a job seeker can’t search for your update anyway, so really how effective is it?

LinkedIn are doing enough to turn off professionals as they become more and more like a job board, so should you discourage anyone else?


What’s better?

When I’m training I suggest that HR/Recruiters drop their jobs in only occasionally and instead use their status to show that they’re knowledgeable on their niche or industry, to show off their employer brand, to give advice and support. This will naturally attract the right people without the need to broadcast.

How exactly?

Much as I think LinkedIn Today [now Pulse] has been changed for the worse, it is an amazing hub of news from around the globe so start there. Find articles that are relevant to your industry or niche and share them.

I recommend you use a scheduling service like Bufferapp; stack it with articles and your comments, sharing them to LinkedIn, Twitter and your Facebook page during the day. You may like to try Do Share for Google+ as well.

Amongst your 4 – 5 daily articles, it will be less offensive to drop in a job. And what about doing it more personably? “Can you help, I can’t find anyone for this job?” will evoke a better response than “New job:”

Final tip

If you’re a regular reader, you know I have a crushette on Work 4. Recently they added a clever little feature to their Facebook page job tab, Social Job Sharing. See the picture below.

work4 social recruiting


The big difference between it and the aforementioned broadcasting, is that you can encourage your fans or employees to use it and it will share an appropriate or random job just once a day or once per week. So it avoids overkill.

This picture below shows when I shared VMWare’s job last month. (I don’t work for them… or even like the page… cool, hey?)


VMware Work4 social recruiting

Final thought on job broadcasting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been a cleverly marketed job board however people are now actually realising it. With all these new changes that are pushing free members to paid membership by cutting down their access and now we have the age limit being lowered… prepare for things to get a lot worse!  – Toby Quested

Are you tired of your news feed looking like a job board?


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