The LinkedIn Recruiter & Job Seeker Disconnect

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The disconnect between recruiters and job seekers use of LinkedIn is clear

As evidenced in this infographic from, which confirms the LinkedIn Recruiter Job Seeker disconnect.

I’ve blogged about it before, discussing poll results that revealed that 57% of the 629 respondents primarily used LinkedIn for networking and only 14% for job seeking.

So in another attempt to narrow the gap, it’s worth pointing out  a few things.


3 stark facts for LinkedIn recruiters.

1.   There are 11 million British LinkedIn users so circa 2/3rds of Brit workers aren’t using it.

2.   49.5% of LinkedIn users have incomplete profiles.

3. LinkedIn delivers search results in the following way (With many thanks to Andy Headworth for sharing this last year):

  • 1st level connections – with 100% complete or nearly complete profiles, with most in-common connections & shared groups, in descending order.
  • 1st level connections – with 100% complete or nearly complete profiles, in descending order.
  • 2nd level connections – with 100% complete or nearly complete profiles, in descending order.
  • 3rd level connections – with 100% complete or nearly complete profiles, in descending order.
  • People you only share a group with – with 100% complete or nearly complete profiles, in descending order.
  • Everyone else with high profile completeness.
  • Everyone else who have low profile completeness.

I love LinkedIn and think it has many, many benefits but to recruit the best and be ahead in recruitment, you need to fish on all the social media sites available to you.


3 stark facts for non-LinkedIn job seekers:

1.  77% of all job openings are posted on LinkedIn and 48% are only posted there!!

2.  97% of HR & Agency recruiters are using LinkedIn to recruit.

3.  As per number 3 above – fully complete your profile, get connected and join groups.


2/3rds of British workers aren’t using LinkedIn. Stand out from the crowd by getting your 100% complete profile loaded up, getting connected, joining groups, and keeping an eye on the job discussions in those groups and on the paid jobs section.

linkedin recruiter job seeker disconnect


Do these stats resonate with your experience of LinkedIn?



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