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Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? It’s a Recruiter’s go-to site but could you be using it better? Could you be paying less for it?

LinkedIn has collected 465 million user profiles but it also has the least active user base so to ensure your ROI this lesson is about sourcing & marketing (not advertising). Katrina Collier will teach you:

  • Your LinkedIn profile matters, it ranks high on Google; discover free ways to ensure it’s attracting candidates – especially with the “new” look.
  • Your Hiring Manager’s profiles matter too; tips for ensuring consistent messaging without creating boring clones.
  • Are you ignoring your company’s followers? Company page essentials you need to know.
  • Essential: Discover how to get around the removal of ‘job title’ search, the new interface, and the removal of Boolean from Recruiter Lite
    Steve Ward
  • The easiest ways to find direct contact details and increase replies


Guest speaker: Steve Ward, Director at <steve.ward>, “Recruitment Marketing: being a magnet for talent on LinkedIn”


Eventbrite - Recruiting On LinkedIn (Without The Hefty Fees!) or roll down to join 12 classes for the price of 8


N.B. Due to the Tube strike this is now on the 22nd February

With 1.9 billion users, 1 billion checking in each and every day, Facebook is an underused talent pool for all recruitment. Add to that, the ability to search for and advertise to specific audiences, it makes it a prime tool when you are looking to increase diversity within your organisation. Katrina will share:

  • You won’t be adding anyone you don’t know as a ‘friend’ but let’s lock Facebook down anyway
  • …and let’s create your Facebook profile so it attracts recruits ’cause they’re looking at you anyway.
  • Sourcing on Facebook; a look at the numerous ways you can find people even if their bio is incomplete
  • Sourcing for diversity; proactive and reactive strategies for reaching more potential recruits. 

Eventbrite - How To Recruit On Facebook & Improve Hiring Diversity

Instagram has a staggering 500 million users, 300 million are active and over 80,000 photos and videos are shared each day. It’s a great site for showing off your employee culture, brand and for sourcing. In this session you’ll discover from Katrina:

  • How to get started and the essential elements you must add to your profile, if you want to gain a following!
  • The easiest and most cost-effective way to gain photos and videos (actually it’s free) from your employee advocates.
  • Instagram is also a great for sourcing so discover how to find and engage with people
  • Discover a plethora of tools that will take your photos to the next level and add sparkle to job posts.


Guest speaker: Sarah Goodall, Founder of Tribal Impact, “Harness the power of your employee advocates!”


Eventbrite - Instagram For Employer Branding; People Trust Employee Generated Content

Twitter has 313 million monthly active users sharing 500 million tweets each day and 80% active on a mobile phone. It’s the perfect place to listen, learn, follow, engage, re-engage and become known, like and trusted

  • With attention spans so short, discover how to craft a Twitter bio that will gain you followers.
  • Twitter etiquette is the key; you’ll leave understanding all the terms and what is and isn’t acceptable on Twitter.
  • How to ensure your Twitter feed is more than a job post stream, ’cause who’d want to follow that?
  • Top tools for sourcing and engaging with potential new recruits.
  • The importance of visual content; quick hacks to make this easy (after all you’ve got a job to do!)Kevin Poulter


Guest speaker: Kevin Poulter, Partner & Social Media Specialist at Child & Child, “Mitigating the risks of your employees using Twitter, without stifling their creativity or being impractical!”


Eventbrite - Recruiting on Twitter: Branding, Engaging, Pooling & Sharing

The Digital Skills for the UK Economy report from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, published early in 2016, revealed that 72% of large companies and 49% of SMEs suffer tech skill gaps. This means competition is fierce and old-school recruitment doesn’t work.

  • It’s time to get off LinkedIn and discover where people with highly sort after digital skills actually hang out.
  • Employer branding matters for all recruitment and even more so here.
  • Clear the obstacles to technical hiring! 
  • Be inspired by real life examples of unusual ways to hire digital & design professionals.
  • 2 things I learned in my 10 years of tech recruitment, which are essential for success.Hung Lee


Guest speaker: Hung Lee, Co-founder & CEO at


Eventbrite - Counteracting The Digital Talent Short Fall

You wouldn’t refer someone into your firm who you wouldn’t want to work with nor would you suggest a friend join your company if employee engagement was low! Just 2 reasons that employee referrals are the highest quality of hire.

  • Get proactive: free tools to use to easily see connections within your networks.
  • Give your employee advocates a voice to increase social referrals.
  • Using video tools like Snapchat, Instagram & YouTube to share your culture.
  • Harness the power of the boomerang referral, your alumni.
  • Ensuring Glassdoor, Indeed & other reputation sites help not hinder.


Guest speaker: To be announced.

Eventbrite - Tools That Increase Employee & Social Referrals

Can you imagine if our company ignored sales leads like we do all the applicants in our ATS, we’d go broke right? Let’s take a leaf out of our marketer’s books and take care of our candidates and grow our talent pools.

  • Tools for collating social profiles of potential employees (before they become applicants & move to the ATS).
  • Make keeping up with potential hires a breeze with Twitter lists, the only way to stay organised on Twitter.  
  • How to run marketing campaigns that are more than your ‘latest jobs’ so you reinvigorate your talent pool.Steve Usher
  • Novel ways to collect employee generated content to share with your talent pools.


Guest speaker: Steve Usher, Founder of Koppla Communications, “Do you know the true cost of bad recruitment processes? Tips to ensure your candidate experience is top notch.”


Eventbrite - The Secret To Maximising Candidate Engagement

There’s nothing worse than undermining all your social recruiting efforts by directing someone to a dull as dishwater job description. All too often it happens, you go from a creative job post to a list of ‘what we want’ requirements. That simply won’t cut it in this candidate driven market!

Led by Katrina you’ll discover:

  • Some realities about advertising, especially on social media, that may surprise you.
  • It’s not about you. Truly, it’s not.
  • That link matters, make it easy for the applicant to apply!
  • Super simple ideas that will ensure your job posts are never considered dull & ineffective. 
  • 3 things you mustn’t overlook when posting a job 


Guest speaker: To be announced.


Eventbrite - How To Write Magnetic Job Posts & Advertisements

The niche, the quirky, the unusual. Led by Katrina, this will be a fun session to have you thinking way outside the usual social recruiting box, internet sourcing from the unexpected.

  • Firstly a reminder of the basics of boolean and x-ray searching. 
  • Then, ah, I don’t want to give too much away… but if you’ve ever wanted to get creative with your sourcing, come along.
  • If you are struggling to fill any of your roles, this is a must-attend session.


Guest speaker: To be announced.


Eventbrite - Social Recruiting Beyond The Big Four

Facebook deserves more of your time; of all the people who choose one social network only 82% choose Facebook. At the time of writing there were 1 billion daily active users, you’d be crazy to ignore them. In this lesson, Katrina Collier will share:

  • Here’s looking at you, Facebook page. It’s under review so let’s maximise its effectiveness and emulate the best! 
  • PPC advertising is an excellent way to tap into Facebook’s buzzing community passively & using pixels will make it work even better.
  • And while we’re here, let’s close off advertising on Instagram too
  • Plus lesser known ideas for sharing your employee culture on Facebook.


Guest speaker: To be announced.

Eventbrite - Passive Facebook Recruiting Through PPC & Pages

You know recruiting on social media is important but you worry it will take all day! You know job seekers want to hear from your employees but you still can’t get help from your marketing team, or you don’t have one.

Katrina Collier will share her time saving recruitment secrets:

  • How to be keep your social media talent pools engaged without  it taking over your life!
  • Time saving tools and apps every recruiter will wish they had used long before now. 
  • Understand the importance of open rates, click-through rates, social shares and platform effectiveness so you don’t waste time.


Guest speaker: To be announced.

Eventbrite - Social Recruiting & Employer Branding For Time Poor Recruiters

What has changed in 2017 and what is still confusing, Katrina will help you come to grips with the changes of the last 12 months and ensure that you’re ahead of the pack in 2018. 

This will be an interactive session and its content shaped by the changes that happen over 2017 but expect it to include:

  • Skills sharpening with the latest tools and techniques
  • Trends that matter in employee branding and social media
  • Looking into the crystal ball and setting your priorities for 2018


Guest speaker: To be announced.

Eventbrite - Social Recruiting Changes & Must Knows For 2018



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