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Bite Sized Searchologist Certification | Maximising Your Social Recruiting Investment

Come to one or join The Searchologist School | 2nd Tuesday Of Each Month | In-person or via webinar

Why learn in bite sized chunks?

Join The Searchologist School and stay ahead of the pack!

Delivered by a Recruiter for HR & Recruiters, Katrina Collier delivers results and you will soon be cost-effectively and time-efficiently using the right social media for your recruitment. The sites that will provide the fastest return to ease the pain of your recruitment.

Join The Searchologist School and you will:

  • Improve your quality of hire
  • Decrease your current time to hire
  • Increase your employee referrals
  • Improve cultural fit and retention
  • Increase diversity
  • Reduce time wasted in the hiring process

What do you get?

  •   8.30 am: Coffee, tea & croissants
  •   9.00 am: In-depth Social Recruiting Session from global expert Katrina Collier – a power hour of social media recruitment nuggets.
  • 10.15 am: Playtime to practise what you’ve just discovered so bring your laptop!
  • 11.15 am: Dynamite guest speaker presentation and time for your questions.
  • 11.45 am: Action plan, commit to what you’ll do before your next class
  • 12.00 pm: Head off and implement your new wisdom

Can’t make it to London?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Join in the training session and the presentation live (or recorded if you’d prefer) by webinar.

Come along for one or join The Searchologist School & really improve your game!

Discover details about each class and guest speaker below.

Take part in an individual class, in person or online, or join The Searchologist School, where you will be able to gain knowledge from 12 classes for the price of 9.


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