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Recruitment is easy when people feel they matter.



noun /səːtʃˈɒlədʒist/ 

A recruiter, HR or talent acquisition professional, or hiring manager who has put the human back at the forefront of social sourcing & recruiting and candidate engagement. People who understand that how they treat people makes the difference between failed or successful recruitment.


You need exceptional candidate experience from HR, recruiters & hiring managers because:

You are in a fight for attention for people who have in-demand skills! Ignore the tech providers saying AI, algorithms and their software can do this for you, it cannot. Marketing and advertising alone also won’t work in a candidate driven market. Highly sort after talent needs to be sourced and wooed to your company and job opportunity. You are under scrutiny just as much as you are scrutinising them. How you treat people will decide if they will stay in the recruitment process or ghost you.
Future employees are looking at you & your company before they reply to your email, call or message. They look at up to 16 sources before applying. How many are you losing? If you want to find and attract great employees, your profiles and social media activity needs attention. Do you look like a recruiter and a company deserving of someone’s time?
Social media recruitment has been proven to improve the quality of hire, diversity, and increase productivity, which is even more great news for your bottom line. But the world is noisy now, are you using the tools to increase candidate connection and engagement or spam?

Finding people and their contact details has never been easier! There are over 4 billion people on the Internet and a plethora of tools, free and paid, to contact them. This has led to laziness, template overload, and candidates switching off. Don’t believe me, go check out #recruiterspam or #recruiterfail
Proven to be the highest quality of hire. If you put the human back into your recruitment, your current employees will see it and react accordingly. If your coworkers can make a warm introduction, reward them with gratitude, transparency, clear communication and certainty.
What does that hole in your recruitment cost your company and cost you in hiring manager stress? If you could improve candidate response rates by even 10% how would that improve the bottom line?

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Could the candidate experience your company delivers improve?

Candidate experience is the responsibility of HR, Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers, not just your recruiters! Work with The Searchologist to get everyone on the same page and adopting a human-first mindset and:

✓  Increase candidate response rates & engagement

  Win in the fight for skills & attention (the real war)

   Increase your employee referrals

   Save cash on upfront and failed recruitment

✓  Stop candidate’s ghosting

   Increase diversity, cultural fit & retention

   Reduce time wasted in the hiring process

   Be a future and robot proof recruiter!



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