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Energising The HR, Recruiter & Hiring Manager Connections

The attitudes, beliefs & behaviours of all the people involved in your recruitment determine its success.

You know that recruiting the right people is essential to the success of your company. But an imbalance in the relationships between your HR, recruiters and hiring managers will harm talent acquisition. Above all, this could jeopardise the company’s future.

And everything that is wrong with recruitment usually comes back to an imbalance in these key relationships.

For example, bias, lack of diversity, poor candidate experience, crazy processes, systems that aren’t fit for purpose, etc. But you can add to those anything you just thought of!

In addition, do these resonate?

  • Hiring managers with unrealistic expectations. Managers refusing to give time for an intake. Talent acquisition perceived as a cost-centre or inferior service. And do they ever refuse to give feedback or interview like it’s the 1990s?
  • Have the processes created by HR delayed people from starting? Do HR policies hamper the offer process? Worse, does HR stop recruiters from speaking to hiring leaders?
  • Are your recruiters too maxed out to source or to learn and grow? Could they be better at partnering with the business or building relationships? Is there a perception that talent acquisition is not an equal?

As a result, I could write a second book on the countless ways each key player can impede the other. Hmm, perhaps I should…


Fix the imbalance; fix your recruitment.

You don’t need to search far to see just how badly people have been treating job seekers and candidates.

And because of this, I am on a mission to inspire 1 million people to energise the human connection in recruitment.

It is time to get all the people who recruit people for your company working together, in balance. Because the Internet gave people power, how you treat people is visible online, and people don’t have to work for you!

But if we work together, we can improve the connection between your HR, recruiters, and hiring managers. As a result, your candidate experience and recruitment will improve.


Together let’s fix the key relationships damaging your candidate experience & recruitment!

My work centres around balancing the relationships in recruitment and creating true partnerships because people matter!

  • My facilitation process is new to the recruitment industry. But swiftly it will give you deeper insight and actionable outcomes beyond anything your surveys or focus groups are delivering. It starts the change too, without resistance, because everybody invited has a say. 
  • The Robot-Proof Recruiter Mastermind is a unique shared learning experience for HR & recruiters. Besides developing their human skills, they learn to create true partnerships. Because this ensures future recruitment success.
  • My book The Robot-Proof Recruiter. Because what if tech could replace recruiters?
  • Keynote speaker for your events.

Perhaps you’d like something else? Let’s chat. Because your recruitment woes will ease when we remove any imbalance.


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