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Do your recruitment methods need a reboot?

You’re far from alone if your recruitment processes are time-consuming, outdated or failing.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years, even the last 2 years. It can feel like you’re running to keep up!

But in a candidate-driven market, where there are more job vacancies than job seekers, talent acquisition takes more than advertising and marketing alone.

You need to proactively find the people you need and that’s where The Searchologist helps.


Candidates have control

How many irrelevant emails do you receive each day? 5, 15, 30, more?

People are tired of receiving impersonal job InMails. Most ignore recruiters, many hide. Candidate engagement is a problem in today’s fast-paced world.

And if you do get someone’s attention, they’re inspecting you!

Your employer brand and recruiter reputation are under review. People can see what your current employees are saying, they can see how you treat candidates. Smooth recruitment processes and good levels of employee engagement are now essential because it’s there to see online.

It’s time to get proactive and take control of your recruitment.

Ease the pain of your recruitment here

Be guided by a full-cycle recruiter, who has trained HR & Recruiters in SMEs to global Corporates all around the world, to source and recruit on social media. Become a Certified Searchologist and:

✓  Improve your quality of hire

 Decrease your current time to hire

 Increase your employee referrals

  Save bucket loads of cash on upfront and failed recruitment

 Improve cultural fit and retention

 Increase diversity

 Reduce time wasted in the hiring process

Katrina Collier Social Recruiting Trainer

Chief Searchologist, Katrina Collier, is globally recognised as an expert on social recruiting; she travels the world sharing knowledge gained from over a decade of social recruiting and full-cycle recruitment experience. She has trained countless HR and Recruiters, in SMEs and global corporates, to source on the internet.

Whether you are just starting out, an experienced recruiter, or a company looking to modernise your entire talent acquisition process, here you will discover the best methods for adding social media as a channel for recruitment.

Ready to make your recruitment time efficient, cost effective and painless? Get in touch.

6 reasons to transform your HR & Recruiters into Searchologists

It’s a candidate driven market and in 2016 marketing and advertising alone won’t produce results. Highly skilled people or in-demand talent need to be sought out  and wooed by Recruiters. This social media recruitment training will show you how easy and time efficient this can be.
Future employees check out you & your company before they reply or apply, how many are you losing? Do you know what to share to attract great employees? Is your social media a job feed? As a Certified Searchologist, you’ll know exactly what to share to look like someone worth talking to and to attract great applicants.
Social media recruitment is proven to improve the quality of hire and increase productivity, which is even more great news for the bottom line. During your social media recruitment training, you’ll discover tools that allow you to see more about people, giving you the opportunity to source people who have a better fit to your company’s culture.

Yes, you read that right (and your FD will love that!) As a Certified Searchologist you will know how to find and contact people for free. No catch. Where could you reinvest the money you save?
Proven to be the highest quality of hire. You’ll know techniques for seeing how you’re connected to potential recruits and which of your coworkers can make a lovely warm introduction. Win, win.
After this social media recruitment training you will have a kitbag of tools to use to save time, money & frustration. You’ll know which sites are the right ones to use to source your candidates and you’ll know how to get people to reply. Perfect!

Why this social media recruitment training?

The Searchologist is an independent training company with an unbiased agenda and this social media recruitment training is designed and delivered by a Recruiter for HR & Recruiters!

And besides Katrina Collier’s extensive global experience, booking this social media recruitment training will mean that you will know how to recruit the right people from the right social media sites for your jobs.

You will discover how easy and cost-effective it is to hire on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and a range of smaller, niche or technical sites you’ve probably never even heard of. Importantly, though, you will know which sites suit your jobs so you don’t waste your time!


Giuseppe Principe A year after my social media recruitment training, I am still surprised of how much it has helped me to start and develop a successful network on social media. Katrina with her approachable, relaxed and yet very professional ways has always been there, one tweet away, to advise and encourage me with her wealth of knowledge and experience. If you want to uncover the mysteries of recruiting through social media, give Katrina a call.Games Workshop

Giuseppe Principe, Retail Lead Recruiter

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