10 things to do before you pay for a LinkedIn Careers tab!

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Considering investing in a LinkedIn Careers tab?

“Twenty   two   thousand   pounds!!” I repeated incredulously.

That’s how much my client was quoted if they wanted to add a Careers tab to their LinkedIn Company pages. I nearly fell off my chair.

So for £22,000 they would get a Careers tab which includes:

  • A banner photo
  • A place to add a video
  • Some links to your other sites
  • What (Your) employees are saying…
  • A summary of your paid job listings on the side.
  • Your updates, the same ones that show on your Company’s Home page

To be clear, I do think that you need a LinkedIn Company page. A free Company page. Because if you Google your company, your page will be high on the listings.

LinkedIn Careers Tab

But… please remember that 52% of members visit less than once per week. And consider which network would actually work best for your recruitment.

Maybe use the £22,000 to make your career site mobile optimised and to your free Company page…


1. Add a Banner photo

It’s LinkedIn, so it’s fair to say that most people passing by your Company pages are interested in you as an employer, so why not set the scene like Mondelēz International has done.Mondelez LinkedIn Careers Tab


2. Complete your company details

LinkedIn, has finally moved this back to the top of the page. As you can see in this example from Johnson & Johnson, you only get a few lines to entice people so make the most of it.Screen-Shot-2014-03-10-at-17.37.25


3. Add your Products & Services and ask for Recommendations

People want to be proud of where they work and this is one easy way to show off the great work you’re doing. You can add up to 3 banner photos there!

EDIT: As we know LinkedIn love to take stuff away from members and here’s another example (’cause it’s not making their shareholders money). On the 14th April your Products & Services disappeared. Instead they suggest you create Showcase pages… and though I like Showcase pages you cannot be recommended on these. 


4. Create a free Showcase page

Showcase pages can be used for all manner of things and give you flexibility if you have brands but don’t want separate Company pages. I‘ve used mine as a hub for all my articles that are strewn across the web, what could you do?

If people follow the page, new updates will appear in their Home page news feed.

LinkedIn Careers Tab showcase page


5. Share updates that show what your company is doing

Awards, charity work, CSR, projects, whatever you think future employees would like to see. Think, “what do I want to see when I look at a company?”


6. Share photos

Got a great work environment, let people see it.

New starter? Employee promoted? Shout it from the roof tops.

This photo on Dell’s page received far more engagement than any other post.

Dell LinkedIn Careers Tab


7. Share videos

As I mentioned in 5 More Social Recruiting mistakes, people want to hear from their peers. So keep it real. Create videos, add them to YouTube, then share them here. You could even share your Instagram or Vine ones.


8. Share your jobs creatively

Look at these great examples from Cloud Nine Recruitment and Mott MacDonald (created by Ehance Media)

Cloudnine LinkedIn Careers Tab

Mott MacDonald LinkedIn Careers TabThey stood out a mile as I rolled done my news feed and because they are fun and involved some effort to create, they are refreshing and inoffensive.

Sure beats a wordy post.





9. Share humour

I know it’s LinkedIn but I have found that humorous posts are shared far & wide. (I’ll confess I shared this on my personal profile 🙂 )

Hug an engineer LinkedIn Careers RabHug an engineer LinkedIn Careers Tab











10. Increase your impressions (views)

I’ve not invested time increasing my Company page followers but I have found it easy to increase the number of people seeing the posts by liking them myself. Because I am the manager of the page, I use my phone, go the the LinkedIn mobile app and like the post. This way I, not Winning Impression, like the post and it then shows in my connection’s news feed.


Update: 21st March

Since publishing, LinkedIn have approached me and stated that my client misunderstood (knowing my client I would suggest that it was poorly explained) and LinkedIn explain:

In addition to the benefits you mentioned, a Gold Company Page page – which I think your friend was referring to – also offers five targeted pages which show relevant content to members based on their profile. Each of the five targeted pages enable companies to target different audiences and include a banner image, up to ten clickable links, up to two pieces of rich media (video, imagery, Slideshare etc.) and two content areas. Outside of this we also include 600,000 ad impressions to run across LinkedIn.” Richard George, Corporate Communications Manager, EMEA


Unless you’re a massive company with tons of cash to spare and a huge corporate comms team to run this, I stand by my post above. And never forget, that LinkedIn may not be the right social network for your recruitment.

Fundamentally LinkedIn is there to please its shareholders.

If they really did believe this line in the corporate communication I received this morning, that stated “our fundamental philosophy is “members first.” We believe it’s essential for you to always feel informed and empowered…” then they would NOT charge job seekers to see the salary band on the job you paid to post.