5 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn News Feed

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“My LinkedIn news feed is full of crap, is there a solution?”

I will confess I giggled at the directness when an old colleague asked me about his LinkedIn news feed! I feel the same. Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to improve it.

* I wrote this post in 2014 but as it receives an extraordinary amount of traffic, I’ve given it a 2021 update.*

1. Take control of your updates

Does your LinkedIn news feed look frozen?

The most important thing to know is that every single day you need to reset your updates to Recent from Top – and you need to tell as many people as you can about this change because it does impact on your status update’s reach. More here.

Every day – change Sort By to Top.

LinkedIn news feed top


2. Customise your LinkedIn news feed

In 2014, it was Under All Updates on your Home page, to the right of Pulse, you’ll find the option to Customise what appears in your feed. Sadly, it’s far from perfect. LinkedIn offered me this job even though I have unchecked Job Opportunities… I mean seriously! Though just having had yet another birthday maybe I should be grateful they think I am a junior!! 😉


In 2021, you’ll find Feed Preferences under Site Preferences in your Settings & Privacy. This takes you to this fairly pointless page. Here you can follow more people or hashtags etc. but I’d love to know why the algorithm selected these people to be popular when their follower numbers seem to say something else. 🤷‍♀️


LinkedIn news feed top


3. Hide people and updates

2014: It’s so easy to hide people… so if they’re annoying you, hover to the right and hit hide. It doesn’t affect on them negatively, it simply stops their updates appearing in your news feed. Even sponsored updates!

2021: Yep, this is still easy. Simply unfollow people, selecting this option via the 3 dots! (I would never unfollow Ian, though!)

LinkedIn news feed top


4. Remove the worst offenders

There is nothing wrong with removing an annoying connection – and they won’t be notified! There are two ways to remove a connection.

In 2014, you could do this without clicking onto their profile – but sadly now in 2021, it appears you’ll need to go to their profile and remove the connection under ‘More’


5. Play with Pulse

Back in 2014, I wrote:

I used to love LinkedIn Today and I used to find it a hub of great news, from around 500 global sources, for sharing and commenting on. Not anymore. Pulse is mostly full of influencer posts and just 40 outside publishers are included.

I’ve just un-followed all channels and influencers and it’s like a breath of fresh air. Now Pulse offers up outside links instead of just LinkedIn content. LinkedIn promotes their posts over others in your feed because they want to encourage you to blog on their platform as they try and increase engagement. And I can always go into Pulse by my own choice if I think I am missing anything.

Now in 2021, I barely remember what that was!


Got any tips to add that will clean up your LinkedIn news feed?