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The Searchologist has two sides that allow me to work in my highest values: freedom, speaking, being heard, community and fun!

  • The Searchologist focuses on my mission to get all the people who recruit people to treat people better! 
  • DisruptHR London and Cambridge are fun community events that give HR a voice.

As an Ambassador for Hope for Justice charity, The Searchologist and my DisruptHR events support the charity, which aims to end modern-day slavery impacting over 40 million people globally.


The Searchologist

The Searchologist was founded to teach HR & recruiters social recruiting & sourcing and I have successfully worked with leading companies around the world and spoken at all the major conferences. In 2018, I pivoted to focus on the problem of candidate engagement because finding people online is easy! Sourcers and recruiters can find candidates but have an issue evoking a response due to the enormous amount of recruitment spam, the transparency created by the Internet that highlights poor employee & candidate experience, and the fight for attention in a world of interruption!

After publishing my first book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter through Kogan Page in August 2019, it was time for a new direction!

I entered 2020 on a mission to impact the behaviour of 1000 hiring managers through LDJ Facilitation because I believe that HR & Recruiters understand the importance of candidate experience more than hiring managers do, and it’s time to change that! Throw in a global pandemic, and I launched The Robot-Proof Recruiter Mastermind & Certification in June 2020.

My mission is to energise human connection and inspire 1 million people who recruit people to treat people better!



As a typical “Generation X”, I have been ignored by HR so it is with some irony that I have spent so many years working with HR and discovering they aren’t as bad as I thought! I soon realised that those HR professionals who are breaking rules and improving the world of work aren’t given the opportunity to speak and that a new platform was needed.

After speaking at DisruptHR NYC in 2016, I brought the Disrupt movement across the pond and can’t quite believe what it has become – a platform where people have permission to be themselves and share their ideas. London’s HR community clearly needed something new and refreshing and I am truly awed by it each and every time. In 2019, I brought DisruptHR to Bristol, York, Glasgow and Cambridge. For 2020, I handed Bristol to Lee Burman, and Glasgow to Alexandra Burns & Sandy Wilkie, to concentrate on London, Cambridge, (the first) Newcastle and York. Sadly, Covid bought my plans for events in Newcastle & Leeds to an end and I will focus on London & Cambridge when it is safe to run events again! 🔮


Why work with The Searchologist?

Katrina Collier - The SearchologistYour conventional recruitment thinking will be challenged, technology buzzword bingo will be demystified, and I’ll put straight anyone who thinks a robot can do what we do! Instead, I will instil excitement and confidence into HR, recruiters, and sourcers, who will be encouraged to make better use of technology and engage with potential recruits humanely, and I will show your hiring managers why their behaviour makes or breaks talent acquisition.

Cutting through industry hype, I will show you how to put the human front and centre in your recruiting and talent acquisition, how to increase response rates in this candidate-driven market, and how to reduce candidate ghosting.

I am an in-demand keynote speaker, experienced delivering inspirational talks to audiences on 5 continents, at all the major HR and recruitment conferences and for private corporate events; even to the Singapore Government!

Plus, you will find my opinion quoted in these publications and many more:


As an Ambassador for Hope for Justice charity I raise funds through my DisruptHR events and by donating the royalties from The Robot-Proof Recruiter, and as a founding member of #ConnectingHRforJustice, I regularly donate time in-country to support the staff and carers. I also mentor the founder of Radical Recruit, an agency getting disadvantaged Londoners back into work, am anti-racism, and I work hard to deliver diverse and inclusive DisruptHR events.

You’ll find me @KatrinaMCollier on Twitter & Instagram sharing too many (?!) photos of my dogs and championing the #BeHuman cause.

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Recognition & Industry Contribution

Debi Easterday testimonial for The SearchologistConsidering she literally wrote the how-to guide to decent, ethical and human-focused recruiting (The Robot-Proof Recruiter), you won’t be surprised to hear that Katrina inspires recruiters to do their best work. In her mission to create environments where candidates are appreciated, nurtured, supported and, later, grown and developed, Katrina challenges recruiters to focus on the human being at the end of every transaction, from initial application through post-hire support. She doesn’t just highlight what recruiters are getting wrong, she takes the time to personally mentor recruiters in the field and let them know how they can work differently to get it right. Katrina is a born leader and teacher, and she leaves every “student” in her path a more inclusive, empathetic, savvy and productive recruiting professional. I’m grateful for her guidance (and her book) daily.

Debi Easterday, CEO & Chief H2B Consultant, H2B Consulting

Jo Menon - Testimonial for The SearchologistKatrina brings that great mix of expertise, integrity, confidence and humour to all things sourcing. Her straight-talking approach is refreshing and her delivery second to none. I really enjoy working with Katrina most recently where she helped build expertise and the ‘art of the possible’ in the sourcing space with one of our mutual retail clients. I recommend Katrina without hesitation!

Jo Menon, Interim HR Programme Manager

I donate my time as a judge, ambassador or advisor to the following organisations:



I created a page for Interviews: The Robot-Proof Recruiter because I have been asked to talk about it so much 🙏🏻




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