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Glenn Martin is a talented talent acquisition professional with over 14-years experience in recruitment projects, strategies and sourcing techniques. With both agency-side and now in-house experience, Glenn partners with a portfolio of clients to help them deliver their people-centric objectives and ambitions.

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Resourcing Give & Get | @RecruiterGuynw on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Aligning the hiring community and resourcing   We welcome Ben Gledhill to the show. If you know Ben, you’ll know he actively contributes to the wider conversation about recruitment and talent acquisition on Twitter. On this week’s show, he joins us to talk about the resourcing give and get. A principle he has developed when


Firing Your Employer Branding Team? | @media2knight on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Employers: be true to who you are! This week’s guest is the reason The #SocialRecruiting Show exists. As the original co-founder and co-host of the show. We welcomed the AWESOME Audra Knight.  Returning to talk to us about the origins of the show and to provide us with her thoughts on the current trends in


Recruiting When You’ve Lost Your Mojo! | @resetnotinset on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Focus on your own human sustainability – Get your Mojo back! Firstly, when you’re discussing options to get your mojo back as a recruiter!.  The traditional advice might be things like ‘get on the phone’ or ‘find that unicorn candidate and the placement is yours!’. However, this kind of thinking is less valuable in the


Opening The Door To Diverse Applicants | @ReciteMe on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Give diverse applicants the tools to navigate through your process When you’re going to chat about new and innovative ways to attract diverse applicants to your business or simply address the very basics of inclusive software. Who better to call upon than this week’s guest Keith Moutter. Keith has been working on making online content


Empowering Female TA Leaders | @ErinMcPeterson on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Women getting out of their own way | Empowering This week’s guest “actually intended to be a recruiter”. This makes her a unicorn amongst talent acquisition and recruitment peers!. With this in mind, and acknowledging her wealth of experience as a Director of TA and HR professional. Who better to join us on the show


Using Time Back As Cash To Hire Developers | @SkyBetClive on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Traditional hiring vs new ideas for recruiting developers Firstly, hiring Software Developers is a challenge for most recruitment or talent acquisition professionals at any time. Not to mention, with an estimated 5 job opportunities to 1 Software Developer in the UK. The odds are firmly in the favour of the candidate. In addition, add to


#SpeakingForAll | @louisetriance | The #SocialRecruiting Show

#SpeakingForAll – Invest in diverse speaker line-ups This week’s show title can only mean one person! The delightful Louise Triance. She joins us to talk about the Facebook group, #SpeakingForAll. Which Katrina and Louise co-founded with Audra Knight, over 2 years ago. The question for Louise, and Katrina, is simple.  Do you think we have


Covid Got You Thinking Of A Career Change? | Jim Berrisford on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Building your personal brand We welcome this week’s guest. Who went from Filofax salesman to Talent Acquisition guru, REC Council Director, Brand Ambassador and Advisor. He is now the Chief Commercial Officer for a reputable TA software vendor. To sum up, Jim Berrisford has navigated his way through a portfolio career and is definitely best


Recruiters, Data Analytics Matters | @Jiri_Herodek on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Using data analytics for the long-term perspective We welcome, this week’s guest  Jiri Herodek. We invite him on the show to tell us, and the wider recruitment community, why data analytics matters. He begins by telling us why data analytics is important to him, “you have to know where and how to improve and the


#BLM | Has Anything Changed? | @BlueHairdDodo on The #SocialRecruiting Show

#BLM | The Internet is FOREVER! If you are familiar with our guest this week, the fantastic human being that is Madison Butler.  You will know she is a passionate advocate for #BLM Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights and human rights for everyone! – this is the very reason we invited her on the show


Mentoring, HR & Start-Ups | Rohan Dickinson on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Mentoring is for short and long term goals This week’s guest was Rohan Dickinson and he’s so passionate about mentoring within HR. He’s set-up his own business to promote the power of mentoring in the startup/scale-up space. We invited him on the show to chat about why mentoring is as important as learning & development.


Hiring Managers = Clients? | @DigitalTalentSi | The #SocialRecruiting Show

Hiring Managers are Partners To begin, as a self-confessed introvert that is still thriving in the world of recruitment. This week’s guest, Simon Halkyard, joined us to challenge the long-held perception that Hiring Managers are clients. Why treating Hiring Managers in a way that makes talent acquisition subservient, really offers zero value to either party!


Talent Management In A Crisis | @MervynDinnen on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Talent Management: create candidate ambassadors and advocates On this week’s show, we focused on the role of Talent Management. How do these teams respond in the current post-pandemic climate?. On that note,  who better to invite on the show to discuss this than Writer, International Keynote Speaker, and commentator on all key tech talent trends,


What’s So Wrong With Trust and Flexibility? | Dawn Ward on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Put your People first – Trust and Flexibility This week’s show contributes to the current debate about employees returning to the office. With trust and flexibility being at the forefront, as we come out of lockdown,  and why a growing majority would like to remain working remotely. Our guest, Dawn Ward, opens the show by


Heavy Weight Messaging Campaigns | @RyanLeary on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Messaging campaigns: create an experience not a process Firstly, Recruitment Marketing has become a big part of every Recruiter and Talent Acquisition professionals approach to identifying and engaging potential candidates. So, who better to come on the show and talk to us about messaging campaigns and leveraging consumer marketing techniques. In short, how can you


Trusting A Company With Your Mental Health | @TedHewett on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Bring your whole self to work This week’s guest talks about mental health, and was the ideal individual to speak to about building trust-based cultures as this is his current day-job! Not only that, but Ted Hewett is also a force for change. Especially, when it comes to getting companies to have transformational conversations. Most


Altruistic vs. Transactional Recruitment | @DedicateRecruit on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Place your candidate at the heart of the recruitment process Isn’t recruitment just about getting people into jobs as quickly as possible? Then charging a fee for the service?  This week’s guest, Liz Nevett, doesn’t agree with this statement and joined us to share her thoughts, experiences, and opinions on why altruism can be adopted


How To Interview Better | @MargaretBuj on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Taking Control of the Interview Process and Interview Better This week’s guest was Margaret Buj. She bought tons of advice on how to interview better. Firstly, on how to improve your interview technique.  She also exposed a few myths about interview best practices. Most importantly, with over 13 years of experience as an Interview Coach,


Dear White Colleagues | @aoadamson on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Racism is a pandemic! (Dear White Colleagues) This week’s guest was the inspirational Abi Adamson. To understand the full context of our conversation “Dear White Colleagues”, I advise you to watch Abi’s video which she posted on LinkedIn – click here. As we enter into a global debate about how we, as a society, will


Avoiding Diversity & Inclusion Tokenism | @PhilipMarks on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Diversity & Inclusion (Communication!) To begin, as the world focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement, there is an opportunity to embrace and define new actions. For example, actions that can impact diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies in the workplace. This week’s Guest, Philip Marks, joins us to discuss his experiences of introducing D&I when


The Truth About Diversity | @KimTheJ on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Listen to her words about Diversity Firstly, I usually write this blog post to provide you (potentially interested listeners or viewers) with context for the show. I then offer a few tantalising quotes from the guest in the hope of motivating you ‘Watch or Listen Again’. This week is different, this week I am going


What It Really Takes To Run A Recruitment Agency! | @markhopkinsREC on the #SocialRecruiting Show

What is recruitment? Starting your own recruitment agency is a polarising subject for debate within the world of recruitment. When is the right time, what do I need to consider and what will success look like?. To answer all these questions and more, Mark Hopkins joined us this week to share his journey and answer


Onboarding: Who Owns it – HR or Talent Acquisition? | Jennifer Tait on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Define your onboarding process What’s the difference between pre-boarding and onboarding?.  Who owns onboarding and should there be a re-evaluation of this process post-COVID-19? – to answer these questions, and a whole lot more, was this week’s guest, Jennifer Tait. As an L&D professional, Jen discovered her calling at Blackrock when she applied for an


Gen Z Career Advice Is Cr*p | @realsamhornsby & @maeyip | The #SocialRecruiting Show

Is there career advice for creatives? When mentioning the phrase ‘career advice’ to most people, they tend to roll their eyes in recognition of a paucity of the quality of advice available. Who better to take on the subject of c**p career advice than Samantha Hornsby and Mae Yip. Two lifelong friends that established their


How To (Actually) Manage Hiring Managers Remotely! | @TangieRecruiter on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Everything we’re doing is all for them! If you’re going to talk about working remotely, who better to come on the show than Tange Pettis. She has a 20-year career in recruitment and has been remote for 15 of those years!. As an agency recruiter “you need to move fast, get things done quickly and


Recruiter’s Secret Weapon | @jds_again | The #SocialRecruiting Show

An affiliation to your firm – Recruiter’s Secret Weapon Talking to us about why your company alumni is a Recruiter’s secret weapon this week is James Sinclair from EnterpriseAlumni. Firstly, when companies talk about their alumni, they often refer to a group of people they still talk to. People who have moved to other companies,


Running Again…But Should I Have Slowed Down? | @SarahMcKennaHR on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Running Again? What do I love to do? As we continue to navigate the changing recruitment and HR landscape. Are you feeling as if you are running again due to the impact of COVID-19. This week Sarah McKenna joins us to offer her thoughts and opinions on how to use this time to reflect. Firstly, 


Post-Pandemic Considerations | @Lizdigital7 on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Start planning now! To begin, we opened with a question and the response was “I was conned!”. You know you’re in for a very candid evaluation of the state of the world. This week we invited Liz Dowling  to the show to talk about her thoughts on a post-pandemic business landscape. Opening the show, she


CandEx & COVID-19 Coronavirus | @stevenkosakow on the #SocialRecruiting Show

COVID-19 The Economic Impact Who better to invite on the show to talk about the economic impact of the current COVID-19 crisis. We welcome,  former labour economist turned Global Talent Acquisition Manager. Enter, Steven Kosakow. With a passion for people and the candidate market, of his early career, he tells us, “I was really curious


Open Hiring? – I Think Not 😱 | @RobinSchooling on the #SocialRecruiting Show

What is Open Hiring™? To begin, the principle of Open Hiring™ was first established by Greyson Bakery in 1987. This principle has been adopted by other leading retail brands. However, what is Open Hiring™ and why should we be interested? This week’s Guest, Robin Schooling, joins us to illustrate why this model of open hiring


Keeping Your Head | @SarKnight | The #SocialRecruiting Show

Your business must evolve! In the midst of a challenging economic climate, that has everyone guessing what will happen next. It’s the ideal time for us to invite Sarah Knight onto the show to talk to us about keeping your head, while all around you are making knee-jerk decisions that could affect the long-term future


Stress Busters For You & Your Colleagues | @sueingram on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Give control back to your people We find ourselves in unprecedented times where stress and anxiety levels, understandably, are on the rise – at such a time, there is nobody better than this week’s Guest, Sue Ingram, to have on the show and share stress-busting guidance and tips for Managers and Leaders. As an Executive


Crisis Management & Talent Acquisition | @LevyRecruits on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Treating humans like humans! This week’s Guest, Steve Levy is a community builder, recruitment legend and a passionate believer that “they’re PEOPLE not candidates”. As a Co-Founder of ATAP (Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals) and with a 20-year+ career in the world of recruitment and TA, we asked Steve on the show to learn about


Empowering True Strength | @KingfisherCoach on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Equipping people to be Managers This week’s Guest, Ian Pettigrew, is from the world of Leadership Development and Coaching and he joins us to talk about “empowering true strength”. In his opinion, the foundations of good Management and Leadership start with, “some basic skills in management” which are, 1). “making sure people know what’s expected


Mentees: Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try | Charlotte Mummery on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Focus on the learning opportunity as a Mentor-Mentee This week on the show our guest is Charlotte Mummery. Mentoring guru and passionate about people, we invited Charlotte to talk to us about the Mentor-Mentee relationship and share her own extensive experience. She reflected that her “mentoring relationships have had quite different experiences based on the


It Starts With Love, Self Love | @RuthPenfold on The #SocialRecruiting Show

A foundation of love On this week’s show, we speak to people-person Ruth Penfold (#actualsize) about self-love and she provides us with her definition; “real self-love is the conversation you are having with yourself when no one else is around, it’s the way you treat yourself when things don’t go that great” and it’s “how


Talent: A Person To Value, Not A Resource To Manage! | Tim Sparkes on the #SocialRecruiting Show

What’s the culture? This week on the show we invited Business Psychologist, Dr Tim Sparkes, to join us to discuss the definition of the, so often used word, talent. With his extensive experience of “improving candidate role-fit through the science of occupational psychology”, we were excited to learn more about the application of this form


Do you have the right people? | @sharma_neeta | The #SocialRecruiting Show

The mental burden of hiring the right people is high! This week’s guest had a really interesting journey into the world of recruitment. She initially got rejected for her first role with an agency for being “too corporate”. Undeterred, Neeta Sharma called them back the next day and said, “I wanna work here!”. Neeta then


Myth Busting Executive Search | @lewismaleh on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Executive search, it’s a team game! Executive search can appear to be accessible only to an elite group of recruitment professionals. Recruitment professionals who have graduated from the fee-chasing agency world and into the more prestigious arena of retained and exclusive search. As Katrina and I both started as agency recruiters, we were interested to


New Year, New Radical Recruitment | @Recruit_Radical on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The interest in social recruitment is on the rise! 2020 is the year of meaningful social impact driven by the wider recruitment industry. One of the companies leading through direct action is Radical Recruit founded by Emma Freivogel. As a social recruitment consultancy with their mission being to represent those who are underrepresented in the


The Lokenbergs Ponder 2020 | @Kimmetjedb @GordonLokenberg on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The Lokenbergs are ready for 2020… To end 2019 we wanted to invite a guest to join us to provide an overview of the recruitment industry and cut through the BS as we head into 2020. But why have one, when you can have two?  Especially if it’s the Posh & Becks of recruitment, Kim and


STOP IT! Technology Isn’t Always The Answer! | @MarvinESmith on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Technology? No your brain is your most important tool! Katrina posted that this week’s guest had more recruitment industry experience than our combined experience; for this reason, Marvin Smith is essential listening as he has witnessed vast and extensive change across the agency and in-house recruitment industry. On the show, he joins us to talk


The Problem With Recruitment Hacks | @ThisIsWillSims on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Use recruitment hacks ethically! On this week’s show, we invited Talent Acquisition Manager, Will Sims on to talk about ethical recruitment hacks, using automation to enhance human interaction and to compare his beard to mine – there was only going to be one winner! Will started his recruitment career at Spring Personnel (or was it


Handling Difficult Hiring Managers | @MR_Recruits on The #SocialRecruiting Show

With hiring managers, empathy is key! Hiring managers are central to ALL recruitment activities and every recruiter, whether in-house or agency-wide, understand the importance of engaging and building relationships with your HM’s. For those of you that still have that one tricky, elusive and vague hiring manager, we decided to invite the ‘Hiring Manager Whisperer’


Blasting More Recruitment Myths | @AlaRecruiter back on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Recruitment is not as simple as matching keywords! Amy Miller was a great guest, however, we felt like she had some unfinished business as the reason for her angst on the show 2-weeks ago, still existed! – and what was more, the proposition was getting more airtime on a very prominent and well-respected podcast…mention no


Standing Out As A Recruitment Agency | Anthony Kelly on the #SocialRecruiting Show

New agency thinking? “Help us help the candidate” Our guests aren’t always people we’ve known for a long time, we meet new and interesting people regularly and this week’s guest is a great example of this. Katrina met Anthony Kelly in the summer at the TA Labs event in Berlin and we invited him on


Blasting Recruitment Myths | @AlaRecruiter on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Recruitment is easy peasy, right? When we invited Amy Miller onto the show, we knew we were in for fast-talking, straight-to-the-point (no BS) opinions and at least one hilarious rant about the state of the recruitment industry! 💪🏻 Amy Miller is a “recruitment badass!” and author of the popular blog, Recruiting in Yoga Pants. Amy


Sourcer’s Got Talent | @DovZavadskis on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Be Creative, Be Curious, Be a Sourcer This week on the show we invited Dov Zavadskis to join us and talk about his recent keynote, Sourcer’s Got Talent. Bringing a focus on the changing profile of the recruitment sourcer, he shares with us his opinions on the difference between sales and modern-day recruitment as he


Powering Communities | @Sophie_Power_ on The #SocialRecruiting Show

In communities, lead with generosity. This week on the show we talked to ‘talented, talent acquisition professional’ and DBR Community Admin, Sophie Power, about the power of communities, the importance of observing social media etiquette and how giving your time for free, can be really rewarding. Currently, the new Talent Acquisition Lead at Gram Games,


Desk Level Actions To Promote Employer Brand | @BryanChaney on The #SocialRecruiting Show

As an employer with a brand, are you listening and responding? This week on the show we invited back Employer Brand guru, Bryan Chaney to talk about the essentials for employer branding, tips to start tackling the employer brand challenge and how candidate experience has a massive impact on your brand and consumer brand. For