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Glenn Martin is a talented talent acquisition professional with over 14-years experience in recruitment projects, strategies and sourcing techniques. With both agency-side and now in-house experience, Glenn partners with a portfolio of clients to help them deliver their people-centric objectives and ambitions.

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Empowering True Strength | @KingfisherCoach on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Equipping people to be Managers This week’s Guest, Ian Pettigrew, is from the world of Leadership Development and Coaching and he joins us to talk about “empowering true strength”. In his opinion, the foundations of good Management and Leadership start with, “some basic skills in management” which are, 1). “making sure people know what’s expected


Mentees: Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try | Charlotte Mummery on the #SocialRecruiting Show

Focus on the learning opportunity as a Mentor-Mentee This week on the show our guest is Charlotte Mummery. Mentoring guru and passionate about people, we invited Charlotte to talk to us about the Mentor-Mentee relationship and share her own extensive experience. She reflected that her “mentoring relationships have had quite different experiences based on the


It Starts With Love, Self Love | @RuthPenfold on The #SocialRecruiting Show

A foundation of love On this week’s show, we speak to people-person Ruth Penfold (#actualsize) about self-love and she provides us with her definition; “real self-love is the conversation you are having with yourself when no one else is around, it’s the way you treat yourself when things don’t go that great” and it’s “how


Talent: A Person To Value, Not A Resource To Manage! | Tim Sparkes on the #SocialRecruiting Show

What’s the culture? This week on the show we invited Business Psychologist, Dr Tim Sparkes, to join us to discuss the definition of the, so often used word, talent. With his extensive experience of “improving candidate role-fit through the science of occupational psychology”, we were excited to learn more about the application of this form


Without The Right People, It Ain’t Happening! | @sharma_neeta on the #SocialRecruiting Show

The mental burden of hiring the right people is high! This week’s guest, had a really interesting journey into the world of recruitment as she got initially rejected for her first role with an agency for being “too corporate”; undeterred, Neeta Sharma called them back the next day and said, “I wanna work here!”. She


Myth Busting Executive Search | @lewismaleh on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Executive search, it’s a team game! Executive search can appear to be accessible only to an elite group of recruitment professionals who have graduated from the fee-chasing agency world into the more prestigious arena of retained and exclusive search. As Katrina and I both started as agency recruiters, we were interested to learn from this


New Year, New Radical Recruitment | @Recruit_Radical on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The interest in social recruitment is on the rise! 2020 is the year of meaningful social impact driven by the wider recruitment industry and one of the companies leading through direct action is Radical Recruit, founded by Emma Freivogel. As a social recruitment consultancy, their mission is to represent those who are underrepresented in the


The Lokenbergs Ponder 2020 | @Kimmetjedb @GordonLokenberg on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The Lokenbergs are ready for 2020… To end 2019 we wanted to invite a guest to join us to provide an overview of the recruitment industry and cut through the BS as we head into 2020. But why have one, when you can have two?  Especially if it’s the Posh & Becks of recruitment, Kim and


STOP IT! Technology Isn’t Always The Answer! | @MarvinESmith on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Technology? No your brain is your most important tool! Katrina posted that this week’s guest had more recruitment industry experience than our combined experience; for this reason, Marvin Smith is essential listening as he has witnessed vast and extensive change across the agency and in-house recruitment industry. On the show, he joins us to talk


The Problem With Recruitment Hacks | @ThisIsWillSims on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Use recruitment hacks ethically! On this week’s show, we invited Talent Acquisition Manager, Will Sims on to talk about ethical recruitment hacks, using automation to enhance human interaction and to compare his beard to mine – there was only going to be one winner! Will started his recruitment career at Spring Personnel (or was it


Handling Difficult Hiring Managers | @MR_Recruits on The #SocialRecruiting Show

With hiring managers, empathy is key! Hiring managers are central to ALL recruitment activities and every recruiter, whether in-house or agency-wide, understand the importance of engaging and building relationships with your HM’s. For those of you that still have that one tricky, elusive and vague hiring manager, we decided to invite the ‘Hiring Manager Whisperer’


Blasting More Recruitment Myths | @AlaRecruiter back on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Recruitment is not as simple as matching keywords! Amy Miller was a great guest, however, we felt like she had some unfinished business as the reason for her angst on the show 2-weeks ago, still existed! – and what was more, the proposition was getting more airtime on a very prominent and well-respected podcast…mention no


Standing Out As A Recruitment Agency | Anthony Kelly on the #SocialRecruiting Show

New agency thinking? “Help us help the candidate” Our guests aren’t always people we’ve known for a long time, we meet new and interesting people regularly and this week’s guest is a great example of this. Katrina met Anthony Kelly in the summer at the TA Labs event in Berlin and we invited him on


Blasting Recruitment Myths | @AlaRecruiter on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Recruitment is easy peasy, right? When we invited Amy Miller onto the show, we knew we were in for fast-talking, straight-to-the-point (no BS) opinions and at least one hilarious rant about the state of the recruitment industry! 💪🏻 Amy Miller is a “recruitment badass!” and author of the popular blog, Recruiting in Yoga Pants. Amy


Sourcer’s Got Talent | @DovZavadskis on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Be Creative, Be Curious, Be a Sourcer This week on the show we invited Dov Zavadskis to join us and talk about his recent keynote, Sourcer’s Got Talent. Bringing a focus on the changing profile of the recruitment sourcer, he shares with us his opinions on the difference between sales and modern-day recruitment as he


Powering Communities | @Sophie_Power_ on The #SocialRecruiting Show

In communities, lead with generosity. This week on the show we talked to ‘talented, talent acquisition professional’ and DBR Community Admin, Sophie Power, about the power of communities, the importance of observing social media etiquette and how giving your time for free, can be really rewarding. Currently, the new Talent Acquisition Lead at Gram Games,


Desk Level Actions To Promote Employer Brand | @BryanChaney on The #SocialRecruiting Show

As an employer with a brand, are you listening and responding? This week on the show we invited back Employer Brand guru, Bryan Chaney to talk about the essentials for employer branding, tips to start tackling the employer brand challenge and how candidate experience has a massive impact on your brand and consumer brand. For


Diversity: Is It The End Of Manels? | @LouiseTriance on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Diversity is more than just men and women This week we welcomed Louise Triance back to the show to talk about how recruitment and HR event organisers can increase diversity in speaking panels and how ‘manels’ (all-male panels) may not represent the diversity of the audience. For the very few people that aren’t aware of


What Does Candidate Experience Even Mean? | @MarkMansour01 on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Candidate experience: we can do better! This week on the show was very much an Australian tag-team as the super-charged, Mark Mansour joined Katrina and me for a chat about candidate experience. As Mark is a passionate advocate for the candidate, you will need headphones on to watch/listen to this show in the office –


Invest In The People Who Recruit Your People | @SofiaBroberger on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Invest in your employees; let them learn at work! Providing time for employees to invest in self-study and self-learning is becoming an ever-increasingly important consideration for employees; with this subject in mind, we invited Sofia Broberger onto the show to share her advice for employers. Sofia has had a successful career as a tech recruiter


Are Recruiters, Erm, Lazy? | @SuperRecruiter on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Are Recruiters lazy? This week on the show we had recruitment and HR expert, Micheal Goldberg and he was prepared to go to battle regarding the question, “Are recruiters lazy?”. As a an emotive topic, we were keen to take up the challenge and debate this with Michael (as were our audience). Before you start


Better Interview Conversations | @Sehaam on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Does tech negatively impact conversations? This week on the show we explore the connectivity between Recruitment and Executive Coaching with our guest, Sehaam Cyrene. As she tells us, Sehaam works with senior executives and teams to “unblock the blockages” and help them “get past the misunderstandings” that can result in missed deadlines. Prior to founding


Retention! A New TA Tool? | @JimStroud on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Retention is the new recruitment! When you invite the dynamic Jim Stroud on your show for his third appearance you know it’s going to be great value! – the fact that the last two times Jim joined the show there was a complete technical meltdown was only a minor concern…really…it was only minor…we weren’t worried


Are you building employer brand awareness? | @Media2Knight on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Branding was solely the specialism of the marketing function up until about 2017 when ‘recruitment marketing’ became a recognised term and form of talent attraction. The definition of recruitment marketing is the “practice of promoting the value of working for an employer in order to recruit talent”. Recruiting marketing is often referred to as a