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Katrina Collier is recognised globally as an expert on social recruiting. From SMEs to global corporates, she has trained countless HR and Recruitment professionals around the world to source and recruit on social media. With 11+ years of social recruiting and full-cycle recruitment experience, she's passionate about teaching effective methods of social sourcing and candidate engagement, and ensuring recruiters are robot-proof. Get in touch and give your recruitment a rev up!  

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Sharing Your EVP Through Human Stories: @ClairBush on The #SocialRecruiting Show

A great story has power. The power to intrigue, inspire and most importantly – drive action. Great stories bond people to ideas. They make people feel something. As talent leaders in human forward functions, that makes stories one of our most powerful assets. That’s why we asked Clair Bush to join us to share her


How to Hire Better Agency Recruiters | @DebiEasterday on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The tension between staffing agencies and internal recruiters is palpable. It feels like they’re at war – not to find the best candidate, but to get the lowest price. We both know that’s not a formula for finding the best people – and so does our guest after decades of recruiting. The relationships become broken


How are recruiting and marketing personas different? | @StephenODonn on The #SocialRecruiting Show

“A recruiting pro having trouble with technical issues? No way!” While it was said in jest on our show, not being great with technology has become part of our own recruiting personas. Look at the way HR technology marketers target you with messages about great user experience. They’re playing into your mindset, your philosophies and


The Secrets of Sourcing on Slack | @EmmaHunt10 on The #SocialRecruiting Show

You probably don’t think of Slack as a sourcing channel. But why not? You use Slack for work projects. Project management. Alumni groups. Over 50 million people are there and actively using it every day. But you’re not recruiting there? If you haven’t considered slack for sourcing, rethink your strategy said our guest Emma Hunt


#SpeakingForAll: A Vow For Change | @LouiseTriance on The #SocialRecruiting Show

I’m frustrated. As an event organiser and speaker, I’ve spent years traveling around the world training talent teams on better social recruiting strategies. Across these conference scenes and in conference rooms I’ve noticed one incredibly frustrating trend – there are not enough women speakers. This is a frustration both our guest last week, Louise Trance,


You Have Employer Brand Headcount. Now What? | @Holland_Dombeck on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Despite all the AI and programmatic trends, it seems like hiring is still hit or miss. People are just too unpredictable. Roles evolve. There are a million variables that make it really hard to see 3 feet ahead, let alone that 30,000 foot view many leadership speakers talk about. But building an employer brand team


Lessons From Failure | @Lars Schmidt on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The recruiting discipline has been very “hush hush” when it comes to sharing case studies and best in class practices. For a long time, those case studies and strategies were treated as the competitive advantage because unlike so many professional fields, there are few educational paths that would prepare you for a role in recruiting


Must-Listen Podcasts For Recruitment Marketing | @TennilleFolk on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Recruitment marketing is not a new field. In fairness, many of us were doing recruitment marketing long before it had a name or subject matter experts. Back then we just called it, “recruiting strategy.” Yet in recent years, the field is gaining momentum and many in-house recruiters are trying to build the business case for


Skills vs Experience: Recruiting Showdown | @503Recruiter on The #SocialRecruiting Show

There was a time when recruiting was a lot more simple. When it was more about who applies than a boolean string and a few phone calls. Throwing flyers with marbles attached into yards. Being chased off at the local grocery store. That’s where our guest, Derek Murphy-Johnson, Talent Acquisition Manager at KinderCare Education, got


The Showdown: Robot vs Human | @JimStroud @JasRober on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Celebrating our 100th show with two of our favourite humans! If you’ve been reading this blog for any time now, you know my beliefs on candidate experience. I believe if we could just be human, talent leaders would improve candidate experience tremendously. Seems simple right? In some ways, yes. It happens easily in the 1-to-1


Treating Candidates Like Customers | @AshNicholeBush on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Ashley Bush found employer branding before she even knew what it was. Recalling her earlier years, she says, “It was pretty funny I thought I coined the term, but obviously I did not.” After doing technical recruiting at different tech companies, she got into social media and employer branding. She then joined Audra Knight’s team


Why Employ Disabled People | @EvenBreak on The #SocialRecruiting Show

When you say the word disability, you can almost hear the sudden pause. The questioning stares. You can feel the wondering eyes. Then you mention disability in the context of work and suddenly, more questions. Questions of confusion and concern. Questions of “ought to” and “how.” These are questions and feelings our guest Jane Hutton,


Recruitment Videos, What’s Holding You Back? | @MarkHopkinsREC on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Mark Hopkins is an Engineering Recruiter More specifically, he’s the Director of Thomas Lee Recruitment – but that didn’t stop him from cracking a joke when we asked him how he got into recruiting in the first place. “I once murdered a person and they told me to go into recruitment.” On a more serious


Unconscious Bias & Interview Fails | @SophieTheen on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Sophie Theen may be the Head of HR & Talent at 11FS, but it all started when she went to school for automotive engineering. After working in engineering for eight months, she realised she wasn’t going to be able to change the world like that. A few recruitment projects and years later, Sophie is focusing


Talk To Me: How Better Questions Deliver Better Sourcing Outcomes | @LevyRecruits on The #SocialRecruiting Show

You’ve probably heard of Steve Levy before A lot of people in our industry refer to him as “Uncle Steve” because he’s the kind of guy that checks in when life is chaotic, gives you a call on a random Sunday morning to tell a joke, or messages you privately to send book recommendations. He’s


Playing To Win: Why Sourcing Is For Champions | @OhSusannaMarie on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Laughing hysterically is a great way to start any Friday That’s how every conversation starts with our guest Susanna Frazier, Head of Strategic Sourcing at Universal Music Group, Founder of SourcersWhoCode, and HR tech advisor. Our show was no exception. From our favourite emoji to the story of how Susanna ended up in Thailand, it


What is Responsive Sourcing? | @SourcingDani on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Being human isn’t just about a fight against the machines. It’s my challenge to the conventional recruiting world and one of my core values. If you’ve ever seen one of my presentations or read my posts online, you’ve seen my #BeHuman tag. Perhaps you even have one of the little people that have become part


A Complete Life: The Point (And Sourcing Strategy) Behind Inclusion | @TheBalazs on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Pride month is a point of reflection for many LGBTQIA youth. It’s a celebration of how far the community has come. It’s a look into the fight for the future toward true equality – a world where all really means all. Pride month comes at a unique time this year in particular. So many social


Technical Sourcing How-To with @ABortolusssi on The #Social Recruiting Show

At first you might notice her fashion sense or the way she says “about” But within just minutes of launching this episode with Angela Bortolussi, she was diving into communication tactics, strategies, and a how-to on sourcing. But first, you should know that Bortolussi is a proud Canadian who moved to Los Angeles just a


Metrics Matter: Measuring Employer Brand with @ShannonSmedstad and @Social_Em

Employer brand is more than just a story and a heartfelt video on your website. It’s tears on the faces of employees, telling you the story of their manager’s compassion when their dad passed away. It’s how they met their best friend at work. It is the stories of so many people, summarized, and how


Agile Sourcing | @NGlick and @RecruitMark on The #SocialRecruiting Show

We all fall into recruiting. It’s not exactly a degree from a university or even a job we hear about as kids. Everyone talks about doctors and lawyers, but rarely do they talk about the HR generalist or recruiting agency that helped them find the job in the first place. That lack of an education


A Diversity Recruiting How-To | @exacity on The #SocialRecruiting Show

No one looks like me It seems pretty simple, right? To look around your community or workplace and almost assume that you’ll see people that look like you. That talk like you. That grew up like you. It’s inherently built into our beliefs and definitions of comfort. But Tej Singh, Talent Acquisition Manager at Wonderbly


Finally, Hiring Manager Advice That Works | @JanTegze on The #SocialRecruiting Show

There’s no quick fix for recruiting In recent days, it seems like everyone is stuck on what machines will bring. From vendors selling their quick “fix” for recruiting (which isn’t needed, says Tegze) to the perplexed looks from practitioners, it seems like everyone is on the AI bandwagon. Someone is always trying to pitch AI


Why Developers Respond: @Sjamilla on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Sometimes in recruiting things are just working It feels so good. The right developers are applying. You’re filling roles quickly. Life is good. Everyone is making their commission. Until it stops. Working, that is. Candidates apply, but they’re not the right fit. Tech interviews are being turned down. The right people are anywhere but at


Mastering Mass Messages: @MikeChuidian on The #SocialRecruiting Show

The shoes are sweet. With more shoes than an NBA player, those Air Jordans might be the first thing you notice about Mike Chuidian but the moment he opens his mouth to speak on mass messages or sourcing, it’s his brain that will make you want to know more. Mike Chuidian has been in sourcing


To Tool Or Not To Tool?: @TalentGenie on The #SocialRecruiting Show

Tool overload is a real thing. With a new sourcing tool and recruiting technologies released every day, it’s not easy to separate the mess from the rest. As hiring professionals we fall into the inevitable patterns and habits when things are working; doing the same things over and over then wondering why the results are


Before You Act, Check The Social Recruiting Facts!

Not checking your social recruiting facts? Watch out if you are blindly following someone else’s advice! Your social media accounts could end up blocked or even deleted. It’s brilliant that Recruiters and Sourcers collaborate and exchange ideas. That they’re curious to find workarounds and hacks. But, you also need to be aware of the consequences


Recruiter, Listen Up! LinkedIn’s New User Agreement Is Out

Last week you accepted LinkedIn’s new User Agreement. Instead of working on improving their fairly inactive user base, they have found more ways to hinder the ability of “the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” So much so, that simply by suggesting to a job seeker earlier that he send a lovely personalised


3 Creative Ways To Liven Dull Job Posts

Would you stop and apply to your own job posts or walk on by? We’re recruiters right? Not creatives or marketers! Why does it have to be so hard to get attention focused on our job posts? Thankfully, there are some recruiters trying different social media methods and I’ve found 3 you can emulate or


Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

Though it’s been possible to stream live on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook Live for some time now, it’s still underused in recruitment and considering how much we recruiters like free tools, that’s a lost opportunity! Streaming is a great way to give people a look inside your company; using genuine employee generated content to attract new


Is Ruling Out Hiring On Facebook The Right Move?

What if ignoring hiring on Facebook cost your company financially? What if your opinion of hiring on Facebook meant you missed out on someone who went on to be the most valuable employee at your company or for your client? What if deciding it was too noisy, too unprofessional, too distracting, too hard or a plethora


New Year, New Look LinkedIn

What do you make of the new look LinkedIn? Well finally last week I received my new look LinkedIn Premium account, it’s certainly taken some getting my head around! Now I have had a week to play with it, I’ve put together this video to give you my thoughts and to hopefully save you some time. It’s


What If LinkedIn Was Gone Tomorrow?

What would you do if LinkedIn shut shop? What an unexpected year 2016 has been. Who’d have thought we’d be ending the year with Brexit looming & Trump as President-elect? It just shows how little is in our control. Did you see all the LinkedIn takeaways coming? I sure did, I’ve been writing about LinkedIn removing


Hello Talent Saves You From Lost LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn Taketh & LinkedIn Taketh Away As 2016 draws to a close and most are feeling festive and generous, LinkedIn is again taking features away. It seems I am not the only one irritated about it as my rant post, Recruiters, would you accept this from any other service provider?, has kept me busy answering comments. What I have found so incredible


Your Easiest Talent Attraction Tool: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, a talent attraction tool? Of course! Two (more) things I love about technology: People can see how many job opportunities are out there, and it opens the door to your company so you have to look after your people!   Employee engagement didn’t matter when I started working. Such a change to the working


The Simple Solution To Awkward Facebook Friend Requests

The dilemma of awkward Facebook friend requests! Do you accept? What if you don’t? They’re a colleague or a client and it’s my personal space. What do you do? Maybe I am just in a social recruiting bubble but I truly think that more and more people are conducting business on Facebook. No longer is it a


Employee Generated Content, Love It!

Employee generated content cannot be ignored. It’s here. It’s staying. It’s a brilliant opportunity, when it’s real. I know as we near the end of 2016 that many companies are still terrified of what their employees are saying online. Many still want to gag them. But the fact is, your employees are talking about you


Is This The Easiest Way To Improve Candidate Response Rates?

Is that a picture of a phone? Confused as to why a social recruiting expert, who can teach you how to dig into social media to find conversation starters that dramatically improve candidate response rates, is sharing a picture of a mobile phone? Because calling a candidate will give you the fastest response rate, and


How To Personalise A LinkedIn App Connection Request

This may be a pointless post… It’s weird to be writing a post titled “How To Personalise A LinkedIn App Connection Request” because LinkedIn is introducing changes that may be the final nail in its coffin. According to the rumour-mill, it’s removing advanced search and rich media on profiles from free users and making all


Textio Helps You Improve Gender Diversity In A Snap

Diversity is such a hot recruitment topic & pain point It’s also a broad topic, covering ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion. And then there are our diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. So today I am helping you tackle just one, gender diversity. Gender diversity, which is what Textio


The Easiest Way To Stop Great People Applying To Your Jobs

Do the people you want to recruit even own a personal computer? Not a work one, one of their very own. One they’d use for personal things like… applying for a new job. (You want ethical people right?) I am honoured to be judging the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) but I was harsh in my


Still Baffled By Hashtags? Master Them Here

Those pesky #s, otherwise known as Hashtags, definitely cause confusion. It’s not surprising, most people associate hashtags with Twitter and if you haven’t got your head around tweeting, hashtags would seem confusing. Thankfully they’re not. It’s very simple, adding # before the word makes it a clickable link and it groups terms together. So using #recruitment would help


How automation ruins Twitter list building!

Why can’t I automate my Twitter list building? Because, quite simply, it doesn’t work. Creating a Twitter list based on somebody’s (potentially one off) use of a hashtag will only lead to a low quality list and that’s pointless, especially if you’re using Twitter lists for talent pooling. Twitter lists allow you to segment the people you’re


Recap Will Give Recruiters An Edge

Chrome extension Recap will save you time & give you the upper hand Chrome extensions are only valuable to you as a recruiter if you know how to use them to give yourself the edge. There are hundreds of them and they make uncovering social profiles and contact details child’s play. And that’s the problem, used incorrectly they create


Social Stories: Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Instagram Stories or Snapchat, well it depends Rather than proffer my initial thoughts on the Snapchat clone Instagram Stories, I’ve waited a month since their launch. My opinion hasn’t changed too much, they’re still a poorly substitute to Snapchat, which I love seeing Recruiters use to create social stories. Around the same time Snapchat integrated Bitmoji and I’ve had a lot


You Can Recruit On Snapchat, How?

Really, you can recruit on snapchat? To be honest, just last month I spoke at RecruitDC in front of 300 Recruiters and said, “I don’t get it!” …’cause I hadn’t seen anyone actually recruit on Snapchat! Nor did I find the app easy to use. And then on the nagging advice of some savvy-snappers, I gave


How To Write A Twitter Bio

How do I write my Twitter bio? It’s the number one question I get in training especially when you plan to useTwitter for the purpose of recruitment. It’s true, it’s not easy to write your Twitter bio. But it matters if you want to grow a following of (the right) people! You have seconds to make an impression and


The Searchologist – Same Great Training, A Better Fitting Name!

If the shoe don’t fit this social recruiting training… When I set out on this journey over 6 years ago, I started by helping Job Seekers make great use of social media. I remember so clearly tossing around potential company names with my mate Stuart and and the excitement that came from selecting Winning Impression. It made sense… then.


Are Facebook Reviews Damaging Your Hiring?

Think Facebook reviews don’t matter? Think again. In the last 5 months I’ve trained and spoken in 4 different continents, it’s been a whirlwind and truly amazing. Nearly all of the HR & Recruitment professionals I have encountered in this time are actively using Facebook to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. The same could not


Facebook’s Expanded Search, Good Or Bad?

What will Facebook’s expanded search reveal about you? Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook continues to go from strength-to-strength because they really understand that keeping users on their site and active is essential to their future. Where LinkedIn only permits you to search for long form posts (posts on their blogging platform) and removed Signal, which allowed you