Awkward Facebook Friend Requests

The Simple Solution To Awkward Facebook Friend Requests

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The dilemma of awkward Facebook friend requests!

Do you accept? What if you don’t? They’re a colleague or a client and it’s my personal space. What do you do?

Maybe I am just in a social recruiting bubble but I truly think that more and more people are conducting business on Facebook. No longer is it a business-to-consumer stronghold or a personal space. It’s a wonderful blend.

And with LinkedIn announcing the removal of even more useful features and with Facebook announcing a jobs tab for company pages, this trend is only going to increase.

Let me be clear, you don’t need to add people as friends on Facebook to use it very effectively for recruitment [click here to learn more] and adding strangers could lead to being blocked, so beware.

But I am talking about the ones you receive, thankfully there is a simple solution when to those awkward Facebook friend requests:



Could this work for you?

What’s your favourite way to deal with them? Would love to see your comments below.


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