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Onsite social media recruitment training that’s as individual as you, your company & your jobs

Are your recruitment processes working in this candidate driven market? Are you struggling to gain the attention of highly sort after talent? Do you feel you could be doing better?

The economy has bounced back, the candidates are in control. What has worked in previous years won’t know. Advertising is bringing poor results. LinkedIn usage is dropping. It’s time for a new approach.

Your socially savvy competitors are leading the race! They’re ditching the advertising. They’re reaching beyond LinkedIn. They’re going to where their future talent is hanging out.

They are becoming masters of social media recruitment and successfully sourcing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other niche sites.

And you can too!

Transform your HR & Recruiters into Searchologists and know:

  • Proven tips to improve your job advertisements & social media communication 
  • How to woo social job seekers and use social media to build trust and highlight your employer brand.
  • How to share information to attract the people you need and how to improve response rates with the right wording.
  • Discover tried & tested methods for finding, contacting and hiring people from social media
  • Know how to locate, contact & recruit people from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more suited to your requirements.
  • Proven ways to source on niche sites like Xing, Viadeo, Bēhance, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Google+ and any others that suit your specific jobs.
  • The right way to socialise your job opportunities amongst your followers and employees.
  • Discover the difference between broadcasting and engaging so sharing jobs, occasionally, is fruitful.
  • Creative ways to share jobs that are cost-effective and stand out in the noise and pace of social media.
  • The best way to create & write your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and niche sites relevant to your recruitment.
  • Leave knowing what makes a great social media profile, so that people will respond to you!
  • We will look at how you can enrich your profiles and provide insight with files, photos and videos.
  • Discover which channels will serve you and your company best, fast
  • Find out which channels will provide you with the best return for your efforts so you know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Discover a plethora of free tools that will help you save time, money & frustration recruiting directly.


Becky LoweKatrina is so engaged with her field that you can’t help but be excited after training with her. The training I have had has helped me in practice and I came away with great tools at my disposal. She’s really good fun; highly knowledgeable and has a person centred approach that gets results. 

Electric Word

Becky Lowe, HR Advisor; Recruitment & Retention


Book here and you’ll be ahead of the game!

The Searchologist is an independent training company with an unbiased agenda. Delivering bespoke social media recruitment training that is evidence based and swift to implement. What will work for you, you’ll discover, what won’t is discarded.

Delivered by a Recruiter for HR & Recruiters, Katrina is only interested in seeing you cost-effectively and time-efficiently using the right social media for your recruitment. The sites that will provide the fastest return and ease the pain of your recruitment.

Implement this bespoke social media recruitment training and you will:

 Improve your quality of hire

 Decrease your current time to hire

 Increase your employee referrals

 Save bucket loads of cash on upfront and failed recruitment

 Improve cultural fit and retention

✓  Increase diversity

 Reduce time wasted in the hiring process

Ready to discover a better way to recruit?

Katrina Collier delivering bespoke social media recruitment training to the Singapore Government

Training the Singapore Government.

From SMEs to global corporates, Katrina Collier has trained countless HR and Recruitment teams around the globe, teams that want social media recruitment training that’s as individual as they are.

Anyone from a novice to a seasoned Recruiter can discover how to source candidates on social media. Whether you are a HR professional with little time to recruit or a dedicated In-house or Agency Recruiter, training can be adapted to suit.

With knowledge gained from over a decade of social recruiting and full-cycle recruitment experience, Katrina understands the pressures you face recruiting the people you need. She will teach you how to cost-effectively source on social media and how to improve candidate engagement and employer branding.

Proven techniques; The Searchologist’s testimonials will assure you that this social media recruitment and internet sourcing advice works. You’ll discover methods that are always outside of the ordinary, perfectly suited to your recruitment needs, and easy to implement.

Get in touch and you could soon be finding your future employees/candidates in the most unexpected places.




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