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Considering recruiters and sourcers are amazing keyboard warriors, we seem to forget that so are the people we are looking to recruit. They do it to shop, to eat, and to holiday so of course they do it for their careers! They do it before they reply. They do it before they apply. What they discover impacts candidate engagement.

If people are not responding to recruiters or applying it is due to one or all of these:

  • You don’t look worthy of someone’s time!
  • Your company is unknown or has a poor reputation
  • Your emails & messages (or calls for the daring) need work

If you are having an offsite or would simply like to understand how Katrina can work with your team, in-person or virtually, get in touch.

You could soon be drastically improving your candidate engagement and response rates and reducing candidate ghosting with a human-centric approach.


For Hiring Managers

Recruiters too often find that they are speaking to hiring managers and not being heard.

Hiring managers are too often focused on the rest of their job to give adequate time to recruiters and if they do, they feel that they are not being understood. Add in a lack of awareness of the state of the labour market and an unwillingness to be present online in a way that attracts the right people, and you can soon be stuck with unduly difficult candidate engagement.

As an outsider, Katrina can show hiring managers what the market is really like. Using knowledge from the recruiters she has worked with globally and experience helping companies in traditionally skill-scarce industries, she gains their commitment to play a bigger part now and in the future by:

  • Partnering with recruiters and sourcers from the intake strategy session through onboard and beyond.
  • Presenting themselves online in such a way that they attract their industry peers.
  • Understanding that the experience they provide candidates impacts future hiring.

If you would like to understand more about how the session works, get in touch.



Katie Pawlik Katrina delivered a training session to our entire TA team at GE. Personally, I felt Katrina delivered a session that allowed TA to understand their impact on candidate experience. I loved Katrina’s no nonsense approach; she didn’t shy away from away from showing what bad candidate experience can do to your brand. Katrina was a pleasure to deal with, very insightful and passionate, which came through in her delivery.logo

Katie Pawlik, Global Employer Brand Lead

Bettina StarkmannI met Katrina at a Team Offsite we held on 25th/26th April in Rüdesheim, Germany and had been told that she would be talking to us about social media recruiting, which sounded interesting, but not overly exciting. I could not have been more wrong! Katrina is so passionate about her job and presents in such an inspiring way that, by lunch, I was ready to jack in my Team Leader role and go back to hands-on sourcing! Thank you, Katrina, it was an amazing morning. 

Bettina Starkmann, Team Leader Recruitment