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Everyone is a candidate until they retire

UNLEASH and Hiring Success award winners, Adam Gordon and Billy McDiarmid finally join us on the show to dispatch the comparisons with Candidate.ID, talk about why Candidate Experience is improved by technology – and of course – Katrina and Adam continue their debate over the use of the word ‘Talent’!

Adam joined the world of recruitment in 1999 and by 2002 was ready for a new career in Recruitment Marketing – by his own admission, “from a candidate perspective, I probably wasn’t great because I ghosted a number of them”, however, he tells us “the bit I enjoyed most was always the talent attraction”. Candidate.ID was founded in 2015 and as Adam tell us “there is nothing in recruitment that does what Candidate.ID does”.

Billy started his career in recruitment in 2002 and he tells us “what I was very good at in recruitment was how to use technology”. He subsequently, “fell out of love with recruitment” before joining Candidate.ID in an Advisory Board capacity before making his commitment full-time in the latter part of 2017 – in his words “it’s tieing up nicely my love of marketing, my love of technology and my love of recruitment”.

Using technology to scale Candidate Experience

Setting the record straight on the Candidate.ID proposition, Adam tells us “the main difference is that Candidate.ID is tracking and scoring each person’s interaction with your content across a broad digital footprint” and that “we keep getting compared to recruitment CRM, but it’s not the same”. Getting more specific on the function of the platform, Adam states, “we want to be able to inform recruiters about who is in the market for a conversation and who you should keep nurturing”.

On the emotive subject of technology and the loss of recruiters jobs, Adam argues that technology simply looks to “eliminate the need to be cold contacting people” as “this is the biggest inefficiency in recruitment”.

If that wasn’t enough, watch the replay or listen to the podcast and you’ll hear Adam and Billy talk about:

  • The basic steps of content creation
  • Why every company needs data cleansing
  • When does an applicant become a candidate?
  • The positive impact of GDPR
  • A special announcement on the future of Candidate.ID

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