Recap Will Give Recruiters An Edge

Recap Will Give Recruiters An Edge

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Chrome extension Recap will save you time & give you the upper hand

Chrome extensions are only valuable to you as a recruiter if you know how to use them to give yourself the edge.

There are hundreds of them and they make uncovering social profiles and contact details child’s play. And that’s the problem, used incorrectly they create even more recruiter spam.

So I can be a little, shall we say, skeptical when approached to try out a shiny Chrome extension.

But what Danny Miller said sounded promising… is a chrome extension that summarises LinkedIn profiles. When you visit a profile, it’ll tell you things like the estimated salary the person makes, the average rating from Glassdoor at the company they are currently at, top keywords, estimated satisfaction of their current position (based on analysis of their work history patterns) and so on.

…and because he has been receptive to feedback, I gave it a whirl.




Salary Insight

As I mentioned, Recap is a work in progress but handy right? You could certainly use the easy visibility of Glassdoor reviews in conversation (and don’t forget to see whether there are reviews on other sites, like Indeed)

And while Danny is working it, grab my free salary insight tool guide.


What do you think, could this extension help you?