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Be Creative, Be Curious, Be a Sourcer

This week on the show we invited Dov Zavadskis to join us and talk about his recent keynote, Sourcer’s Got Talent. Bringing a focus on the changing profile of the recruitment sourcer, he shares with us his opinions on the difference between sales and modern-day recruitment as he tells us “when we’re only doing sales, we lose that human side of things”.

For those of you not familiar with Dov, he started his recruitment career back in 2005 when he was offered to opportunity to manage the Recruitment, HR and Payroll for a company of 150 people, as he tells us, “for someone who was always interested in psychology”, this was a great opportunity. Fast-forward to 2019, Dov has now freelanced for brands such as Western Union, Expedia and Adidas and has a wealth of experience and continues with his main focus “to connect with people”.

On the show, we discuss Dov’s observations on the wider sourcing community as he shares with us “a lot of people are talking about sourcers should have the creativity and they should be curious” and how in his recent Keynote he asked an audience of over 150 people, “do they consider themselves creative?” to try and validate or challenge this original hypothesis. What he found was that when sourcers “started sharing the talents that they think they do have, there was a lot about music and photography”

Sales vs Human-First

As we delve further into the subject area, we find out that Dov has a Rec-to-Rec background and how he found “a lot of agencies were still talking about recruiters should come from a sales background – I don’t agree with that!”. In his opinion, sourcing is “more psychology focused” as you have to ask yourself as a sourcer, “how do you engage with people, how do you compose a message, how do you talk to them”.

As we close the show, we talk to Dov about his personal goals for 2019 and he tells us “we can only limit ourselves”, which is great advice for the recruitment industry as a whole.

If that wasn’t enough, watch the replay or listen to the podcast and you’ll hear Dov talk about:

  • Sales vs recruitment 
  • Engaging keynote speaking ideas
  • Goals for event speaking – aim high! 
  • The power of mentors 
  • Successful sourcing tips 
  • Valuable networking 


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