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All the window dressing about candidate experience is BS!

Introducing Matt Ballantine is quite a challenge when he openly admits, “I go out of my way to confuse recruiters on LinkedIn” but we do know he knows a lot about customer experience.

Matt’s profile introduction states that he is “Helping organisations to play”. Under the umbrella of this statement, he delivers Independent Consultancy through his company Stamp London, is a prolific contributor to Forbes, he also co-host’s the popular WB-40 podcast and is a frequent speaker at prominent UK conferences and events.

On the show, Matt discusses the close comparisons between ‘customer experience’ and ‘candidate and employee experience’ drawn from his work with marketing and HR teams. He tells us that how employee branding is as much about “the people that could work for you as it is about the people that currently work for you” and how this is inherently linked to the company brand.

Companies “use the brand as a veneer over stuff” and he thinks “there is a lot of talk about it, however, there isn’t a huge amount of evidence that people are thinking about employee experience or pre-employee candidate experience”.

Candidate experience is a subset of employee experience

With direct experience partnering with companies to improve team collaboration delivering products and services, Matt advises that we return to first principles, “focus on areas around design thinking and how great companies are providing products and services to their customers”. Furthermore, “any company that talks only in terms of compensation rather than pay and recognition have set themselves up for failure”.

If that wasn’t enough, watch the replay or listen to the podcast and you’ll hear Matt talk about:

  • HR and Recruitment – who owns the ‘Experience’?
  • The two principles of ‘needs’ for organisations and employees
  • Customer Acquisition versus Talent Acquisition
  • Where to start with applying Design Thinking and User Journey Mapping
  • The NHS as a driver for entrepreneurship in the UK

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