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 DisruptHR Leeds is an information exchange designed to energise, inform and empower people in the HR field


DisruptHR is an event series that shakes things up, makes you think differently, and leaves you inspired. 12 speakers, 5 minutes each, with slides rotating every 15 seconds, sharing their ideas, fast! Founded by Chris Ostoich and globally run by CEO Jennifer McClure, The Searchologist holds the license for DisruptHR Leeds and runs 2 events each year.

Sponsors donate directly to Hope for Justice, which helps them to do their amazing work re-homing the most vulnerable, street kids, and helps #ConnectingHRforJustice continue to support the staff & carers each year. Hope For Justice aims to end to modern slavery, and as London is, shockingly, a global hub for modern slavery, it makes sense that London-based Katrina support and is an Ambassador for this charity.



DisruptHR Leeds #1 –  October 13, 2020


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20 slides, 5 minutes, how disruptive can it be?

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