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Give diverse applicants the tools to navigate through your process

When you’re going to chat about new and innovative ways to attract diverse applicants to your business or simply address the very basics of inclusive software. Who better to call upon than this week’s guest Keith Moutter. Keith has been working on making online content more accessible for the last 3-years after transitioning from a successful career in recruitment.

We open by talking about the company Keith currently works for, Recite.me. He tells us, “it’s very much based around neurodiversity, it’s autism, it’s colour-blindness and various other learning difficulties and visual impairments”. In short, “it’s brilliant!”.

Keith goes on to say, “there are so many areas in recruitment where neurodiversity can make a difference”. He admits, “it would probably be embarrassing to give figures about how few companies provide assistive technology as part of their process”.

Make your process inclusive, not just accessible

On the plus side, Keith tells us, “I’m seeing huge positivity from internal recruiters and Heads’ of Talent. They are working with Heads’ of D&I to ensure that the whole inclusive piece is carried throughout the whole experience”. He goes on to say, “whether you’re an employee or whether you’re a candidate, for the first time, you’re visiting that careers site and figuring out if that company is for you and whether that role is for you”.

Keith also offers a view from the perspective of neurodiverse candidates. He says, “inclusion for the candidate is a life thing, it’s not just a recruitment thing”. “There is always an inclusion barrier coming up, it just so happens that getting a job is one of the most important things they will ever do in their life”.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Keith talk about:

  • What is assistive technology?  
  • A culture of supporting neurodiverse talent
  • Mapping the candidate experience for all applicants
  • Accessible + Usability = Inclusion 
  • Understand the power of colours 
  • Know your employee and candidate audience


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