Employee Generated Content, Love It!

Employee Generated Content, Love It!

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Employee generated content cannot be ignored.

It’s here. It’s staying. It’s a brilliant opportunity, when it’s real.

I know as we near the end of 2016 that many companies are still terrified of what their employees are saying online. Many still want to gag them.

But the fact is, your employees are talking about you online and that’s not a bad thing. You can use your employee generated content to share your culture and attract more suitable job applications.

As someone who loves teaching sourcing, I love to dig. I love showing HR & Recruiters how technology has flung open the door to their company and how their employees are sharing photos, videos and thoughts that can be used to enhance recruitment. And I don’t mean just on Glassdoor.

Yes, sometimes I shock them but generally people see the opportunity. And why invest in improving employee engagement and happiness if you’re not going to share it to attract new recruits?

I always tailor my training or speaking to suit because real examples are so much better, right? So it was fun to show the audience at HR Summit Iași Romania this little gem:



Why use employee generated content?

Well, it’s free for one.

It’ll improve engagement, employees love to feel they’re part of the recruitment process, and because, as Mike Devaney puts it:

They have credibility. If all marketers are liars, what does that make engineers, designers, and customer support reps? Regular people! They provide “essential” services. Fair or not, prospects have a low regard for marketers. But they don’t hold the same prejudice and suspicion towards other departments.

They have expertise. Marketers, particularly copywriters, sell the company’s product to the public. They deal in features, benefits, problems, solutions. Still, with all that, there’s a lot they don’t know — can’t know. Those intricate details, shared by an expert, might be what your prospects need to read, see, or hear before they can take the next step.

They have flaws.

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Employee generated content & the digital mindset

Regular readers know I hate generational typecasting, I know millennials who will only call and boomers who will only Snapchat message. I believe there are people who have embraced technology and people who haven’t.

Those who have embraced tech are more inclined to dig into your company or agency to find out more about you… and that won’t be just on conservative LinkedIn, it’ll be wherever they choose to play, like:

  • Video rich sites: Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Musical.ly etc
  • Podcast sites: SoundCloud, Amazon S3, PodOmatic, PodBean etc
  • Photo sharing sites: Instagram, Snapchat, Imgur, Flickr, Deviant Art, Pinterest etc

Your employees are using these platforms too.

Is it time to make the most out of the content your employees are already sharing?


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