Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

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Though it’s been possible to stream live on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook Live for some time now, it’s still underused in recruitment and considering how much we recruiters like free tools, that’s a lost opportunity! Streaming is a great way to give people a look inside your company; using genuine employee generated content to attract new recruits and show off your culture.

It’s a no brainer to start with Facebook Live; Facebook is where 1 billion people visit every day and in fact, since Facebook Live became available to all:

  • Facebook has prioritised Live video over all other videos,
  • Live videos have been watched 3 times longer than regular video, and 
  • Users have commented on Facebook Live videos at 10 times the rate of regular videos.


I’m a huge fan of Facebook Live but one thing that is was so frustrating was how hard it was to get the video off the Facebook and onto other social media channels, like YouTube etc. But thankfully, there is a way to do it with ease (…and for free!):



Learn from my Facebook Live experience…


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Will you be giving Facebook Live a try?