Facebook's Expanded Search, Good Or Bad?

Facebook’s Expanded Search, Good Or Bad?

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What will Facebook’s expanded search reveal about you?

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook continues to go from strength-to-strength because they really understand that keeping users on their site and active is essential to their future.

Where LinkedIn only permits you to search for long form posts (posts on their blogging platform) and removed Signal, which allowed you to search for LinkedIn user updates, Facebook is now allowing any user – with their language set to English US – to search their 2 trillion public posts.

From a recruitment point of view, this new feature opens up a world of possibilities and combine that with the coming changes to messaging, recruiting on Facebook will become even more of a reality in 2016.


The negative side of Facebook’s expanded search

Most Recruiters believe LinkedIn is the answer so give little attention to Facebook’s 1.49 billion users.

And Facebook’s Graph search has already made it easy for Job Seekers to find HR and Recruiters… as easy as this in fact:

Facebook's Advanced Search

Your choice of profile picture (and banner photo) impact on how you are perceived already! But now that Facebook has enhanced its search capability, all of your publicly shared posts will be found easily.

Are you sharing Facebook updates publicly, when maybe you shouldn’t?

My recommendation for HR & Recruiters had always been to lockdown your profile and ensure that your ‘future posts’ is set to ‘friends’ protecting your own reputation and that of your friends. But when Chris South and I presented together at SourceCon in Dallas, on using Facebook for Recruitment, he suggested that some public posts are good from a ‘personal branding’ point of view.

And he’s right, they are but… be careful! If you intentionally share a post publicly, Facebook will automatically set your ‘future posts’ to ‘public’ eek. Sure, they point it out to us as we post, but do we always notice?

In the mobile app, bottom left, you’ll find More and then your Settings. From there select Privacy, then ‘Who can see your future posts?’ For safety, I’d set it to Friends and pop back here after sharing something Publicly to reset it.

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The positive side of Facebook’s expanded search

In August, Facebook overhauled the Notes facility on personal profiles and these give you the opportunity to promote the aforementioned personal brand. They’re much nicer visually than an update, versatile, and remain easily accessible to anyone via search or your profile.

To create a Note, head to your Profile (on the desktop) and click More and then Notes. If it’s not there, click Manage Sections and you’ll be able to add them.

Facebooks expanded search


Simply follow the prompts, to add a banner photo, and a title etc.



And the end result will look something like this in the news feed:

Facebook extended reach

It looks smart and I found it received more engagement than my ‘normal’ updates. You can see it here.


How could you use these notes to your advantage?

I am sure that you’ve rolled your eyes when receiving a LinkedIn notification for a published a post that is nothing more than a job advertisement… so definitely don’t be using Notes for that!

Remembering that Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook but ultimately you’d like to create interest in your career’s site, try writing about:

  • Opening the door to your office by sharing employee snaps and short stories,
  • Paying it forward? Share charity events you’re involved in, or
  • Provide job search tips and tricks

And be sure to add a link back to where they can find out more about your company and job opportunities.


Do you think your Facebook profile matters? Is yours locked down or public?