LDJ Facilitation with Katrina Collier

LDJ Facilitation for HR, Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Facilitation that uncovers your exact recruitment issues & possible solutions, fast!

Do the people in your business feel free to confess to being out of their depth? Would your hiring leaders admit that they didn’t know who or how to recruit? Can your people call out the issues hindering talent acquisition without treading on somebody’s toes?

People usually won’t speak up for two reasons: fear of being found out or the fear that they may lose their job, especially in this climate.

And sometimes they won’t give it time because they think recruitment is everyone else’s responsibility, especially yours!


Recruiting the right people is critical and it takes more than your talent acquisition function to make that happen!

You know that uncovering the real saboteurs hindering your recruitment, human or technical, can be tricky against fear-based resistance. And you know the best change happens when everybody feels that they have been involved in and agree on the possible solution/s.

You also know that it’s critical for your employer brand and candidate experience that the business, TA and HR partner well together!

So, what’s the solution?

Design thinking!

Especially when it is facilitated by an impartial outsider who is known for inspiring change and energising human connection amongst recruiters, HR and hiring leaders.

As a certified AJ&Smart Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) facilitator, combined with my extensive recruitment industry experience and outsider’s view of candidate experience, I will help you achieve actionable results in just a few hours.

The best part; LDJ facilitation is perfect for addressing your recruitment woes during an offsite or live online.


Photo of Naima Sabeg giving a Facilitation testimonial for The Searchologist I had the opportunity to work with Katrina and put together a great design thinking session. Katrina has a deep “out of the box” vision and came with an innovative facilitation session that covers the who, how, what and why. She is open for feedback and has a high emotional intelligence to navigate complex environments and adjust her style to meet the cultural expectations. I really appreciated working with Katrina; I cannot recommend her dedicated and diligent work more highly!

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Democratic facilitation brings positive change

You know those loud voices who dominate meetings and won’t let the opinions of others be heard? Well, you’ll love that Lightning Decision Jams ensure that everybody involved in your recruitment is heard, especially those quiet ones who so often have the best solutions! Much of the LDJ is carried out in silence, which may seem peculiar initially, but it ensures fairness.

Importantly, it’s fast and fun.

People want to be involved because it’s anonymous and democratic.

Get in touch, and you could soon be uncovering and freeing all manner of recruitment problems you never knew existed!

What could an LDJ facilitation session fix?

Usually, it’ll be the thing you least suspect…

But, if you combine it with my gift of energising human connection, my extensive recruitment experience and my mission, then a session with HR, Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers can address problems like:

  • Your company is unknown or has a poor reputation for candidate experience on review sites.
  • The business won’t partner with your recruiters on roles.
  • You have an ageing or non-diverse workforce.
  • Poor candidate engagement and response rates, and a high incident of candidate ghosting.
  • Accountability issues that arise when people move through the recruitment cycle from candidate to employee
  • Recruitment is seen as an admin function by the business
  • Hiring manager resistance to partnering with recruiters and sourcers from the intake strategy session through onboard and beyond.
  • The legacy issues created by so many different generations in the workplace
  • …and many more! 


Why facilitation with HR, recruiters and hiring managers?

To improve candidate experience effectively, it helps to have all the people involved in recruitment together sharing their point of view and voting on issues.

Candidates are treated poorly for many reasons; for example in the handoff from recruiter to HR, HR to the hiring manager and so on, or because hiring managers refuse to give feedback because they don’t understand the impact to future recruitment, and countless other unintended reasons.

It really depends on your pain point… and that might be something yet to surface.

Ready to free your barriers to better recruitment?

Let’s chat.


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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a facilitator is someone who helps a person or organisation do something more easily or find the answer to a problem, by discussing things and suggesting ways of doing things. The process I use to do that is a Lightning Decision Jam, which was created by AJ&Smart, using design thinking, to solve their own problems. It differs from training or teaching because I am guiding your team through a process that uncovers your recruitment issues and finds solutions, swiftly. It works well to shift mindsets ahead of training or change.
Fair question! Once you have been through a Lightning Decision Jam you will be inspired, like many of my clients, to implement them into all of your decision making. But often when you are working with cross-functional groups, where there is resistance or where respect and partnership is out of balance, it is wise to bring in an outsider who is neutral to the office politics and without a vested interest in the outcome, well, other than ensuring that you get actionable results. I bring to it the outsider’s view of your organisation, extensive global recruitment industry experience, and a knack of being able to energise human connection that inspires change for the greater good.
Sure can! Definitely the greener way to run it too, as you will use digital post-it notes and voting stickers. Online it can accommodate people working in multiple timezones too. Let’s talk.
Definitely, whether in person or online too. Let’s chat about what you could achieve.