LDJ Facilitation

LDJ Facilitation for HR, Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Facilitation that uncovers issues & establishes a path forward, fast!

Katrina is certified by AJ&Smart to deliver both Design Sprints and Lightening Decision Jam facilitation but focuses on LDJs because they create impact in just a few hours and can be used to uncover and free all manner of problems or situations. They also work perfectly when incorporated into an offsite or delivered online.

As someone who will confess to being a loud voice in the room, Katrina loves that Lightening Decision Jams ensure everybody is heard, especially those who are often drowned out and may well have the best solutions! Much of the LDJ is carried out in silence, which may seem peculiar initially but it ensures fairness.


What will a LDJ fix?

Whether carried out online or in-person, an LDJ can help with all manner of issues, but if you combine it with Katrina’s ability to energise human connection, and her mission to get all the people who recruit people treating people better, then an LDJ for HR, Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers works best addressing problems like:

  • Poor candidate engagement and response rates, and a high incident of  candidate ghosting.
  • Your company is unknown or has a poor reputation for candidate experience.
  • Accountability issues that arise when people move through the recruitment cycle from candidate to employee
  • Recruitment seen as an admin function by the business
  • Hiring manager resistance to partnering with recruiters and sourcers from the intake strategy session through onboard and beyond.
  • …and many more! 


Why HR, recruiters and hiring managers?

To improve candidate experience effectively, it helps to have all the people involved in recruitment in the room sharing their point of view and voting on issues.

Candidates are treated poorly for all manner of reasons; for example in the hand off from recruiter to HR, HR to hiring manager and so on, or because hiring managers refuse to give feedback because they don’t understand the impact to future recruitment, and many more reasons.

It really depends on your pain point… and that may be something yet to surface.

If you are ready to free your barriers to better recruitment, let’s discuss options.


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Katie Pawlik Katrina delivered a session to our entire TA team at GE. Personally, I felt Katrina delivered a session that allowed TA to understand their impact on candidate experience. I loved Katrina’s no nonsense approach; she didn’t shy away from away from showing what bad candidate experience can do to your brand. Katrina was a pleasure to deal with, very insightful and passionate, which came through in her delivery.logo

Katie Pawlik, Global Employer Brand Lead

Bettina StarkmannI met Katrina at a Team Offsite we held on 25th/26th April in Rüdesheim, Germany and had been told that she would be talking to us about social media recruiting, which sounded interesting, but not overly exciting. I could not have been more wrong! Katrina is so passionate about her job and presents in such an inspiring way that, by lunch, I was ready to jack in my Team Leader role and go back to hands-on sourcing! Thank you, Katrina, it was an amazing morning. 

Bettina Starkmann, Team Leader Recruitment