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Glenn Elliott: Hiring With Context & Vulnerability

Jennifer Zaborowski: Wide-Angled vs. Laser Focused

Glenn Elliott

There was never going to be anyone else but Glenn Elliott as the first guest on The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited) and why will become very clear to you during the course of this episode.

Glenn & I met when I ran the very first DisruptHR London event, and he invited me to his offices to discuss how Reward Gateway could support the event. Glenn was totally in support of my decision to use sponsors to raise funds for Hope for Justice charity and RG has supported ever since not only as a sponsor but through the RG Foundation & Catrin Lewis‘s personal contribution.

When you walk the floors of Reward Gateway you become awestruck by not only the kindness of their (now former) leader but how lovely all the staff are.  It’s something you want to bottle and take into every company!

Besides the opportunity to ask Glenn  – a CEO!! – why he read The Robot-Proof Recruiter twice, we also talked about how he got so good at hiring great people both at RG and now at Tenzing. Context & vulnerability… and a whole load more!


Grab a pen & paper as we explore a bit more with Glenn Elliott on context & vulnerability…

  • Taking time off, having a mini-meltdown out of complete exhaustion.
  • Entrepreneurs and Management teams taking a necessary break, what Glenn calls a “post dealer holiday”.
  • How you treat people you hire and don’t hire is really important.
  • Communicating regularly and being really honest with people.
  • Sitting in a place of vulnerability and saying “that’s ok”.
  • Being in an industry he had never worked before, a hiring role that never existed with a recruitment process he had never done before.
  • Giving feedback to the ones that didn’t make it, and the top five getting a 30-minute feedback call.
  • Obsessing over qualifications -some people have an MBA and are amazing, some people are amazing and don’t have an MBA.
  • Not prohibiting applications from people with criminal records.
  • The most common mistake in hiring is not thinking about the context enough – Recruitment is all about context.


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