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Over the last few months I’ve had the honour to travel to Sydney, Auckland & Amsterdam to speak at SOSU Sourcing Summits and to Dallas to speak at SourceCon, which has led to an uptick in my Twitter followers.

And consistently I’ve seen one error that is holding back Recruiters from being able to hire on Twitter well. Cryptic profiles.

I know my new followers are in the room, because they’re using the conference hashtag, so they are sourcers or recruiters. So why not share this vital fact in their Twitter bios?

The world is noisy. Our lives are busy. Twitter is a buzzing community of 316 million active users. You’ve mere seconds to secure attention.

And it’s when another user follows you back that the magic happens, so make it easy for them!

Getting Your 6 Seconds Wrong…

Another user receives a notification and can, without clicking in, see a preview of your bio (on the desktop version)

Hire On Twitter

In this instance, Nora had already lost my attention due to the cryptic bio and the low number of followers.

But for this example, I’ll persevere….

Clicking through allows me to see what Nora has been tweeting about and because her last post was about job search I did wonder if she was a recruiter… so had a look at Google…

Hire On Twitter


And discovered, rather ironically, that she’s in marketing:

Hire On Twitter

But it shouldn’t be this hard!


Getting Your 6 Seconds Right…

Hire on Twitter

  1. Use a profile picture where you look friendly and approachable. It’s a good idea to use the same on across all of the social platforms you use, so you can be found with ease.
  1. Complete your bio. Use all 160 characters and inject some personality, after all this is Twitter not LinkedIn. Set the scene and add links to your career site or other social media profiles.
  1. Share great updates and articles that show you know your stuff and to attract new recruits. Engage in conversation by replying, retweeting or even just favouriting. (Shawn could improve this here by using commonly used industry hashtags like #HR or #leadership.)
  1. Following vs Followers: initially this may be hard to tip the balance on but in time, it’s a great indicator of how you’re doing if your ‘follower’ numbers are greater than your ‘following’. If people aren’t following you back it’s likely due to:
  • The aforementioned cryptic profiles
  • Poor content & negative updates
  • Inappropriate automation of tweets
  • Lack of genuine engagement
  1. Followers you know: sadly one you can do little about initially. However people will be faster to follow you back when they can see that you have mutual followers. [Tip from Kasia Borowicz: always check out your new follower’s 3 most recent followers for relevancy and when you follow them they’ll be more likely to follow you back because you have a shared connection.]
  1. Perhaps not so important but your banner photo will say a lot about you and your interests so use it to create a winning impression.


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