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Hiring Managers are Partners

To begin, as a self-confessed introvert that is still thriving in the world of recruitment. This week’s guest, Simon Halkyard, joined us to challenge the long-held perception that Hiring Managers are clients. Why treating Hiring Managers in a way that makes talent acquisition subservient, really offers zero value to either party! Expect fireworks!

Uniquely, Simon has worked agency-side, in-house, and he has run his own recruitment business over a significant amount of time. He tells us, “when I got into recruitment, it was a very, very different world, to see how we’ve grown as an industry has been interesting”.

First, providing context to the show topic of Hiring Managers and the reference to clients. Simon tells us, “I mean in house, and I’d certainly say when you’re in an agency, hiring managers are your clients.” However, “from an in-house perspective, I don’t think they are – I see us as partners”.

Together with such a powerful opening statement. We ask Simon where he thinks this slightly service-driven mindset has come from. He tells us, “a lot of it has come from an agency, as in-house has grown over the last decade, and a lot of these people that have these behaviours have come from an agency – rightly have bought them along to in-house”.


Illustrating the value of talent acquisition

We expand on the show topic and Simon shares his view. He says, “I think that a lot of stakeholders and Hiring Managers have very much compartmentalised recruitment as talent acquisition’s job and not their job. That’s a deep-set behaviour that needs to change.” Adding to this school of thought. He tells us, “it’s not a case of me, as a TA professional, saying it’s your job, it’s candidates now that are saying it’s your job, and we need to hear from you and we need more from you”.

Simon also gives us his view on how talent acquisition has changed and he shares, “the value of TA has risen as well – several years ago it was that small little function in the corner of HR – it’s grown! – you are now seeing TA as a fundamental part of HR, which is great to see!”


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Simon talk about:


  • Creating better relationships between in-house and agency recruiters 
  • Getting stakeholder and Hiring Manager buy-in to support recruitment  
  • Talent Acquisition needs to in the interview room 
  • Using Data-driven storytelling to engage Hiring Managers 
  • Empowering the talent acquisition team 
  • Peer-to-peer conversations and knowledge exchange  


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