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Is Ruling Out Hiring On Facebook The Right Move?

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What if ignoring hiring on Facebook cost your company financially?

What if your opinion of hiring on Facebook meant you missed out on someone who went on to be the most valuable employee at your company or for your client?

What if deciding it was too noisy, too unprofessional, too distracting, too hard or a plethora of other reasons left a critical hole in your business?

I’ve just referred a Facebook friend to another for a fabulous piece of work and I’ve had more conversations about work via Facebook Messenger this morning than on email. I’ve been booked to speak at conferences all over the world via Messenger (and Whatsapp).The best recruitment chatbot I’ve seen is from Job Pal and works on Facebook Messenger.

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What’s so wrong with hiring on Facebook?

When work is such a huge part of our lives, is it really possible that all 1.871 billion people separate their work and personal conversations?

Not in my friends’ network. 2nd only to the many Trump & Brexit posts, my feed is full of job conversations, requests for thoughts on work topics and career successes (and even failures) and more. But using Facebook for recruitment doesn’t even involve adding anyone as a friend, so let’s get over it…

So are you doing the right thing by your company ignoring a network that has 1,406 million more people in it than LinkedIn ’cause you think it is x, y or z?



If I have inspired you, grab this training and start hiring on Facebook today. If I’ve not, tell me why, I’m all ears!

Will you be hiring on Facebook in 2017?