How To Increase Employee Referrals

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5 ways to increase employee referrals

It’s proven that employee referrals are the fastest, cheapest and best quality of hire.

Employee referral hires have the highest retention rate, compared to any other recruitment source, and they produce more profit. And, as you’re unlikely to refer someone you wouldn’t want to work with, your employees can shape the company.

Win, win.

If you’re time poor, it’s worth noting that:

Although only 7% of applicants come via employee referrals, a whopping 40% of ERP candidates get hired. – Dr John Sullivan


1. It’s not all about the money

Of course we all like a financial sweetener but is that what actually motivates your employees to refer? Could they be motivated by the opportunity to work with people they like or industry peers they respect and could learn from?

To ensure that you receive great quality referrals, go ask your top performers what it would take to motivate them!

And, though this may seem obvious, during a busy work day recruitment is unlikely to be on their mind, so be sure to share success stories and express gratitude.


2. Start the process off yourself

Make it easy for your employees by finding the person you’re interested in and then asking the employee to get actively involved.

If you are happily connected to colleagues on Facebook, try a Graph search like:

  • Friends of friends who are [occupation] and live in [city, country] 
  • Friends of my friends who work at [company] and live in [city, country]

Before you decide that people won’t use Facebook for work purposes, how many Company pages are you a fan of?


3. Use this handy Chrome extension

I received an email earlier in the week from Discoverly telling me that it now allows you to see your Facebook friends from LinkedIn. You can grab yours here.

Discoverly Facebook LinkedIn Tool

If the LinkedIn user also uses the same contact email for Facebook, a little icon appears next to their name and you’ll be able to see how you’re connected.

But why use it? 60% of Facebook users visit daily and, in my experience, users are more likely to have a closer connection with a Facebook friend than a LinkedIn connection. So you’ll receive a warmer, more knowledgeable, introduction or they may even warn you off!


4. Harness the power of paid referrers

Mypeoplebiz have created a platform that will allow you to share your jobs to their network of referrers. Ok less of your employee but their referrers are still referring people they know to your opportunities and it’s cost effective.

(Having used their service, I recommend their recruitment portal. It’s a cost effective hub)


5. Make it easy on referrers and yourself…

…provide quick follow up, and clarity of progression through the recruitment process. Having been in your shoes, I know that is easier said than done, so I recommend using a system like Zao.

Zao plugs into what you’re already doing, makes it easy to share, adds some fun to the process, and best of all it removes all the hassle. It’s cost effective and even allows for referrers splitting the fee with another.


What other ways could you increase employee referrals?


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