How To Use Instagram For Recruitment, With Ease!

How To Use Instagram For Recruitment With Ease

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You’re not using Instagram for recruitment?

As an Instagram addict, let me try and persuade you to tap into its 400 million active users.

So who uses Instagram?

  • 26% of all online adults
  • 53% of young online adults aged 18 – 29

…and they’re an active lot. 49% of users visit daily, which as you can see above is a lot more active than that platform you rely on for recruitment the most. (…and only 32 million users behind.)


The next generation

I’m most definitely not into generational typecasting because I’m a “Gen X” with many traits of a “millennial” and more. But that said, companies do need to change their methods to suit the audience they’re trying to reach.

Especially in 2015 as this candidate driven market gains momentum.

If you’re serious about attracting the next generation, it’s the place to be according to the author of A Teenager’s View On Social Media, Written by an actual teen.

  • “I’m not terrified whenever I like something on Instagram that it will show up in someone’s Newsfeed and they’ll either screenshot that I liked it or reference it later. The same goes for commenting.”
  • “The content on Instagram is usually of higher quality”
  • “I don’t have to constantly check Instagram to make sure I wasn’t tagged in any awkward or bad photos”  and the important point…
  • “There are no links on Instagram, meaning I’m not being constantly spammed by the same advertisement, horrible gossip news article, or Buzzfeed listicle…”



How to use Instagram for recruitment… of any age!


1. Build trust

What’s the first thing you do when you hear about something and you want to know more? Ask your mates or head for Google, right? So use Instagram to show off your people and inside your doors.

And like when you were recruited for your current job, and you spoke to a human being, keep Instagram personal. Person-to-person always works best on any ‘social’ media!

The Recruiters who use Instagram the best aren’t afraid to share a little about themselves. Just be yourself (…unless it’s something you wouldn’t show to Grandma!)

Instagram for Recruitment

Share photos or 15 second videos of:

  • People: new starters, birthdays, work anniversaries, celebrations…
  • Events: bake offs, charity gigs, client events, company events…
  • Environment: the office, the breakout room, facilities that look great…
  • Perks: the posh coffee machine, Tea Pigs tea, hot lunch, office dogs…
  • Hashtag events like #ThrowbackThursday…

By doing this you’re giving people the opportunity to opt in or even deselect themselves out of the recruitment process. Gone are the days of closet interviews. Give insight.


2. Hashtags!

Just like on all the networks supporting hashtags, Instagram uses them to increase reach and to allow you to find people with similar interests.

In this example, Just Digital People have created a 15 second teaser of CV tips that leads to a YouTube video. They added other users and only a few hashtags in the caption, then added a comment jam packed with hashtags to attract more people. It’s a lot of fun and has gained great engagement.

Recruitment using Instagram


You can also search for hashtags (check out my favourite search tool in my free, Tools for Instagram Success, guide) and Instagram will show you the popular ones and related posts.

Like Twitter, Instagram is about becoming known, trusted and liked. It’s not a broadcast medium for spamming jobs. Take the time to get to know the people you follow and engage as you would in real life.

When adding comments or replying, to ensured that you/they are notified, include their @username in the comment.


3. Links don’t work but still add them!

Like the boys have done above, Nisha Raghavan has directed people to the clickable link in her bio.

Add the link in your description too though – especially if you’re publishing onto Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and so on.

I love this snap, such a great insight into what she’s up to.

Instagram for Recruitment


4. Find your competitors

It’s likely that those people following and engaging with your competitors will also be happy to follow and engage with you… so go look them up.

Also, take a moment to see how they’re doing. Pay attention to the posts that gain likes and comments as these are the ones to emulate.


5. Don’t leave your snaps on Instagram!

Firstly, you can share straight from Instagram to numerous other social networks.

Secondly, the jpeg drops into your camera role, so why not manually upload it to those networks not integrated, like LinkedIn?

Thirdly, embed posts in blogs and on your website.

Quite simply, share, share, share!


Instagram is so much more than an app…

Akin to Twitter, it takes time to build a community on Instagram but it’s oh so rewarding. You can engage and re-engage. You’ll learn more about a person from their photos than you’ll likely see else where and these can be used in conversation and follow up.

Instagram allows you to become known, liked and trusted in an instance.


P.S. Did you grab the free guide, 7 Tools For Instagram Success?


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