Secrets Of Top HR & Recruiting Twitter Influencers

Secrets Of Top HR & Recruiting Twitter Influencers

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Want to be a Twitter influencer?

Being a Twitter influencer is really useful, whether you’re in HR, a recruiter, a job seeker or using Twitter for some other reason.

But why be one?

Before I launch into the how, let’s look at the why.

It allows you to open opportunities that are out of your reach on less social sites, like LinkedIn. You can engage, re-engage, and engage again, and again and again and again.

You can become known, liked and trusted when you use Twitter, the right way.

Comparing that to LinkedIn. I send you a connect request, you accept, and now what do I do?

I can share updates in the hope that you’ll see them but with everybody’s news feed reset to Top every single day and only 13% of users active on the site each day, that’s unlikely. I s’pose I could send you a message every so often but when does that become annoying? Surely you have enough emails each day?

And what if you don’t accept my invite to connect?

On Twitter I can follow you and a RT, an occasional favourite or a comment will keep me more subtly on your radar. You can choose to come and check out what I’m doing. I’m not adding more work to your day.

( If you’ve no idea how to get started recruiting on Twitter, download my free eBook & video series )


What makes someone a Twitter influencer?

I decided to ask two of my favourite Brit tweeters, who both out ranked me in The 100 Most Influential People in HR and Recruiting on Twitter, for their advice. They think it’s to help you but really it’s so I can beat them next time! 😉



Matt Buckland is Head of Talent and Recruiting for @ForwardPrt, blogger at The King’s Shilling, and is a sometime magician and cardsharp. He’s built an impressive 72k followers on Twitter and is the only person I know who can get 65 retweets on a tweet that basically said, “want a job?”

What does Matt think it takes be a Twitter influencer?


In becoming automated the world of recruitment has moved away from the human interactions that made for successful relationships in the past. It’s Twitter that has enabled the forward thinking few to reconnect on a personal level and elevate their message and themselves from the noise of other channels



Mervyn Dinnen helps Recruiters and HR with content marketing & social engagement strategy. He’s an award winning blogger and has been named in HuffPost’s Top 50 SocialHR.

Mervyn also believes it takes the personal touch to be a Twitter influencer…


Be interesting, be humble, be polite, be present. No-one really engages with automated updates – they might help increase followers and create a few shares, that but my view is that reach and influence come from conversing, engaging, sharing and thanking. Learn and help others learn, but don’t forget to keep followers entertained as well as enlightened.

So what does that look like?

I’ve embedded Mervyn’s Twitter stream below (no pressure, Merv 😉  ) and you can see it’s full of RTs, quotes (definitely not motivational quotes!), articles of interest, images, and proper conversation.


3 ways to build your Twitter influence today


1. Stop thinking of Twitter as a job feed

Turn off any automatic posting from your ATS or database to Twitter.

Start adding value by sharing content that your followers will appreciate. Be present, be kind, be polite and pay it forward. If you want to know how to do this without it taking all day, grab a copy of the Essential Guide To Recruiting on Twitter eBook and video series.


2. Learn more about social authority

Social authority is Moz’s score of true engagement on Twitter and unlike other scores it’s more than follower numbers and vanity score. It’s something that will guide you to better Twitter interaction. Learn more about it in this checklist.

3. Read some of my earlier posts on Twitter:


What would you add?


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