Instagram + IFTTT = Twitter job post success!

Job seekers, you posted what?!
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Want your Twitter job posts to stand out?

According to a recent VentureBeat article there are currently 500,000 jobs posted to Twitter every month. That’s 15 new jobs posted every minute! Wow!

So think for a moment that you are a job seeker. You go to Twitter and you search for the popular hashtag #job. This is what you are confronted with…

Twitter job post IFTTT

What a dull list of tweets. Nothing stands out. It’s overwhelming.

They expect it to reach 2 million Twitter job posts per month in 2014. How will your tweet stand out?

The answer: pictures!

Last month Twitter introduced photo previews which give you the opportunity to stand out in the job tweet crowd!


Here’s a fabulous example from @DeluxeJobs (and definitely go and look at their Twitter stream, they’re doing great things.)


If you’ve downloaded a copy of The Essential Guide To Recruiting On Twitter, you’ll know that I am anti the job broadcast. But, if you combine a great photo – giving insight & promoting your employer brand – with your job post, you’ll attract the right attention without turning off your followers.


If you combine Instagram and IFTTT together you’ll be onto a winner!

Regular readers will know I’m Instagram obsessed and think visual content is crucial to attracting candidates to your company. Instagram is quick and easy to use, making an ordinary smartphone snap quite impressive, plus you can tap into their own community of 400 million users (as of Sep 2015).


But why use IFTTT?

The problem with sending your photo from Instagram to Twitter is that it ends up as a link and looks uninspiring, like this.

jobs on twitter

However, if you create a recipe with IFTTT saying, if this (Instagram) then that (Twitter) your Instagram photo will publish to Twitter as a and display with a preview in the feed.


Like this:



It takes very little time to set up and once done it operates automatically.

To improve on my example above, ensure you include hashtags and “how to apply”. Include a link that takes the user directly to the application page on your web or career site or include your email address, make it easy for applicants.

What could you create?