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Jennifer Zaborowski: Wide-Angled vs. Laser Focused

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Jennifer Zaborowski

What a joy to interview Jennifer Zaborowski PhD, Associate Director, IT Business Operations, about leadership, recruiting and mentoring.

Cartoon and playground references, the importance of building women up, the book Hardball for Women, the different perspective women, especially women leaders, bring to male-dominated industries, and, of course, sprinkled with many laughs.

Jennifer shared why she relies on recruiters to keep her up to date, and her perspective will inspire hiring leaders on wide-angled versus laser-focused team members.


Grab a cuppa & settle in to find out more about Wide-Angled vs. Laser Focused

  • Having robust training functions because developing our team is critical.
  • Things you can’t see while laser-focused and others being in their wide-angle.
  • Being so excited talking about women in technology.
  • Women in her team being very hungry for career development, mentoring and personal development.
  • Working with HR to get women on their hiring panel.
  • Having that solver, fixer-upper, roll up your sleeves and jump in personality.
  • Appreciating a good partner as they are not unlike a matchmaker “you’re going to b spending a lot of time with this person”.
  • Having a recruiter that pushes back if you are asking for “Fred Flinstone” when you need “George Jetson.”
  • The aha moment of having a two-sided vetting process helps get better talent.
  • One of her favourites being a challenge that hasn’t been solved yet, so there are no right answers.
  • Not sitting up in some tower in a leadership role, not being approachable and spitting out orders.
  • On, going back to work – there will be those who will slot back in but the majority going “No, I don’t think that is going to work for me.”


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