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Are Recruiters lazy?

This week on the show we had recruitment and HR expert, Micheal Goldberg and he was prepared to go to battle regarding the question, “Are recruiters lazy?”. As a an emotive topic, we were keen to take up the challenge and debate this with Michael (as were our audience).

Before you start to think of Michael as a recruitment pariah, it’s worth noting that he is a fellow professional with over 25 years experience in the recruitment and HR space holding posts such as Director of Talent Acquisition before establishing his own consultancy in 2016 to “help recruiting leaders and recruiters be more productive and get the goals they want to get”.

As an opener, we ask Michael about what drove him to ask the question about recruiters productivity and he tells us that in his opinion recruiters “don’t want to pick up the phone and they still have the post-&-prey mentality” and that they are “screaming Candidate Engagement but they are doing nothing to engage the candidate. Ding-Ding, Round 1 begins…


Don’t work harder, work smarter!

Challenging Michael’s opening statements, we ask him could the laziness be a result of things such as increased workloads and lack of training and he agrees that “time efficiency” is key and suggest that creating an individual or team “prioritisation matrix” will support better outcomes. Additionally, he encourages recruiters to “go have that conversation” with Hiring Managers to learn “what is important to them” to ensure you focus on the right outcomes.

We also ask Michael about the lines between HR and Recruitment and he tells us that “I see more definitive lines are being drawn”, however, he advocates that “recruitment and HR teams need to partner together”.

If that wasn’t enough, watch the replay or listen to the podcast and you’ll hear Michael talk about:

  • Should recruitment teams manage employee retention?
  • Using automation tools effectively
  • Why email templates reduce engagement
  • Where is the line between HR and Recruitment?
  • Flexible working policies in recruitment
  • The importance of recruitment intake meeting accountability


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