LinkedIn App Connection Request

How To Personalise A LinkedIn App Connection Request

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Personalising your LinkedIn App…. This may be a pointless post…

It’s weird to be writing a post titled “How To Personalise A LinkedIn App Connection Request” because LinkedIn is introducing changes that may be the last nail in its coffin. According to the rumour-mill, it’s removing advanced search and rich media on profiles from free users and making many odd changes re Boolean search on Recruiter Lite.

LinkedIn's users are its product!Click To Tweet

You. Me. And all of the non-recruitment people out there. We are what LinkedIn sells.

Those non-recruitment people (may I call them normal? 😉 ) shouldn’t be expected to pay because they seldom use the site, it’s for connecting with colleagues and business acquaintances and not where they really hang out online.

I get LinkedIn charging recruiters, marketers and sales people to access its (rather inactive) user base.

But I don’t understand why LinkedIn would remove even more features from non-paying members because these are the people they sell and to be beneficial to recruiters, marketers and sales people it would be helpful if people were using LinkedIn and responsive.


Let me put this another way

Most non-recruitment people hang out on Facebook with the other 1.71 billion people (1 billion who will check in today! :o) and they love it because they can:

  • search the 2 trillion public posts (you cannot search organic updates on LinkedIn & Signal went 3+ years ago)
  • be in great active groups and notified of new conversations (LinkedIn ruined the groups earlier in the year) 
  • save links and posts to read later, so handy 
  • create events and market them with ease (LinkedIn removed events many years ago, crazy, they were awesome)
  • add rich media – including direct video upload (not possible on LinkedIn) and 
  • have wonderful conversations with people (organic LinkedIn updates have extremely low visibility)

Facebook makes its money from marketers, sales people and forward-thinking recruiters, leaving us to use it for free! Yay, we like that. We stay. We play.

Facebook is also selling its user base, but it knows to keep us happy so the marketers, sales people etc. see results and are also happy. Ka-ching, more money in the cash register.

They are not trying to be a job board like LinkedIn. They’ve remembered their roots.


Let me put this yet another way…

On the 13th July 2015, a recruiter at Google sent this amazing InMail, which would win countless awards for its hyper personalisation and antispam sentiment, to Paul Fenwick.

Yet it still took Paul 10 months to log into LinkedIn and see it. (Never assume people receive an email in conjunction with your InMail, many switch that feature off!) 10. Months.


Saving this for another blog, it’s also worth noting the thousands of RTs and favourites this tweet received because so few recruiters make this kind of effort in a cold InMail, which is also adding to the inactivity in LinkedIn’s user base.

… but I digress!


How do you personalise your invite to connect on the LinkedIn app?

Especially if they have a follow button? Easy…



So even though I have my doubts about LinkedIn’s future and value to we, its humble user base, please add that personal touch.

And do let me know your thoughts below.