Is it LinkedIn stalking to view a profile multiple times?

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You posted what?! Are jobseekers sharing too much?

What makes it LinkedIn stalking?

The most clicked on area of LinkedIn is ‘who’s viewed your profile’ and as I love to know who has stopped by, I regularly have a peek.

And do I care if people drop by multiple times? Not really.

I’m more bothered by the people who choose anonymity, but that is lessening as LinkedIn encourages non-paying members to change to ‘full exposure’ in order to see who has viewed their profile.

So I found my connection’s update intriguing.

I read an article about people who constantly view members profiles. They say it’s a form of cyber stalking. So what do you do as your next step? I mean, you are not even linked into this person. Do you push it to one side or do you do more drastic measures? What would you do?


Cyber stalking, really?

If I choose to create a public LinkedIn profile, then people are going to look at it and potentially the same person may look at it more than once. If I’m not connected to them, then how much are they going to see, anyway?

This is how you check.

On the desktop version, click the drop-down menu that is on the top right under the word ‘Me’. You’ll see your photo there too.

Select Settings & Privacy.

On the left, select Visibility, and you will then see Edit My Public Profile. Once you click in, you will see something like this:


Picture of Katrina's LinkedIn public profile creenshot of Katrina Collier's LinkedIn profile for the LinkedIn stalking blog


Then change the sliders to the right, in green, and control what is or is not public.

But before you do, if you are actively looking for a job or building your business, wouldn’t you prefer to be found?

That said, once you have connected to people they have a whole other level of visibility and that’s where I do think you should take care. Your connections can see your contact information, which shows on your profile just under your location.

Therefore, I recommend using your business email address or a personal one that you don’t use for other things, and I definitely don’t think you should include your full address, full date of birth or your home telephone number!


If the LinkedIn stalking is getting too much…

Do you know who it is? If so, you can easily block them by using the More option on their profile.

Is the person hiding their profile? Then sadly, you’ll have to pare down your profile as shown above.


Out of interest, what behaviour drew you here?

Who is looking at your profile repeatedly?


P.S. This is an old post, originally published in 2013, but I’ve given it a 2021 facelift as it’s so popular!