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3 Things To Know About The LinkedIn Messaging, Right Now!

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3 Impacts Of The New LinkedIn Messaging

To be fair, we humans are creatures of habit and most of us don’t like change, so hearing negative feedback about the new LinkedIn messaging platform overhaul is probably to be expected but, oh my, what were they thinking?

Some of it makes no sense and is only going to create more noise! Noise you’re trying to get your job opportunity seen above.


1. Untick The ‘Press Enter To Send’ Box

If you have LinkedIn messaging set to send through an email each time you receive a LinkedIn message, and the person writing to you doesn’t uncheck the ‘press enter to send box’ you will receive an email for every single line of the message!


It looks like this:

LinkedIn Messaging

And that’s not annoying, no….

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2. LinkedIn thinks its Facebook

Because cat stickers are an integral part of any professional relationship on LinkedIn, it’s worth knowing that after writing out your message like so:

LinkedIn Messaging

And selecting a sticker to include, it’ll just send it… like below.

LinkedIn Messaging


And you’ll get to start all over again while they get an email that will look something like this:

LinkedIn Messaging


…and even better, if they reply with several stickers you’ll get:

LinkedIn Messaging

Noise, noise and more pointless noise!


3. Personalised LinkedIn Invitations to connect

The feedback I hear from Recruiters, HR & Candidates is that they like to know why someone wants to connect. Of course, opinion is divided.

LinkedIn only wants you to connect with people you know but we all know that’s not how we use the site, so an explanation within the invite to connect goes a long way.

But it’s well and truly hidden on the new messaging platform.

On the desktop, when you click the +people button you’ll find ‘see all’


LinkedIn Messaging


Under there you’ll find a ‘conversation box’ and hovering on this will reveal the personal message and give you the opportunity to reply.

LinkedIn Messaging


But annoyingly, when you do reply, the personal message no longer transfers over… so let’s hope they remember what they wrote!

LinkedIn Messaging


So what do you think of the new LinkedIn messaging platform?