You bet it matters that LinkedIn updates are reset Top!

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Wondering why so few see your LinkedIn updates?

I’ve been asking around and it appears that LinkedIn reset your Home page’s updates to Top each day. At a guess, the majority of LinkedIn users probably don’t know or care but it will be impacting on how far your posts reach.


That matters, if you are using LinkedIn updates for business, recruitment or job search!

On their website they state that Members come first at LinkedIn. If this was truly the case they would not pull stunts like this.

Let me explain.

LinkedIn Updates Top I have 2221 1st level connections, and on Friday I shared my latest blog post and was shocked to see that it received just 63 views.

This got me thinking.

When I wrote about this in December last year, pre this latest game, my posts – without any interaction – would be viewed by a few hundred on average. With likes, it would quickly escalate.



When set to Top not Recent, the posts in my feed had 3-4 likes each.

LinkedIn Updates TopExperimenting, I posted my blog again but this time I immediately asked several people to ‘like’ the post, because this would pass the post on to their connections’ feeds.

The result so far is disappointing. If this had had 5 likes in the past it would have had nearer 800 views. This shows how damaging member updates being set to Top is to you!

For companies losing their Products & Services tab on the 14th, who are being advised to instead create Showcase pages and share updates, this move seems counterintuitive!

Why share updates that hardly anyone is going to see because members’ news feeds are set to Top ( …at least free service Facebook tells you when they change it! Yes, I know it has other pitfalls)


Does LinkedIn updates being set to Top affect Showcase pages?

I advise my clients to post on their Showcase page and ‘like’ it from their mobile app, in that way they have liked it as themselves and the post goes into their news feed for their connections to see.

Pre the change I would receive about 500 impressions now it’s around half! 🙁

If you missed it, here is my rant about LinkedIn’s removal of Product & Services, action needed. I also recommend you read Jez Styles’s great post on the matter, where you’ll see this great comment from Janet Aldrich


Recommendations on the P&S pages are linked to the people providing them, to provide verification.  There is no room and no way to provide that same function on the Showcase pages, not to mention that you have grand total of *200* characters on a Showcase page to explain your product or service. Oh, yes, and one photo. This is a poorly-thought-out move on LI’s part — or a deliberate attempt to alienate people (which seems rather unlikely).  Really stupid.”


Why is LinkedIn setting updates to Top?

In pure conjecture, I think LinkedIn is trying to persuade you that Promoting a post would be far more successful. It would certainly be beneficial for their shareholders who are unhappy with the recent fall in profit.

So here is a look at one I ran recently. It was highly targeted with a total expected audience of 12,214. It received 6387 impressions, which supports my theory that nearly half of members have profiles but don’t visit.

Promoted post LinkedIn Updates Top

The 48 clicks cost me $202 which compared to my similar campaign on Facebook, was a lot!

As a business, my LinkedIn posts now reach fewer, promoted posts are too darn expensive compared to the alternatives, and I fear being hit by SWAM, marked as spam, or ‘I don’t know-ed’ and blocked.


What can you do to counteract LinkedIn updates Top?

  1. As I can’t imagine LinkedIn will change this any time soon, you need to get your posts to be Top posts…. see if you can gather a number of enthusiastic souls who will be happy to jump in there and like, comment and share your updates, immediately.
  2. Try running campaigns in other places so you have a comparison. I now have the ability to target Facebook PPC adverts at job titles, so you should too. Give it a try; run one of those and an interest based one and see what works. Could a Google Adwords campaign help?
  3. Consider carefully the investment of time you put into Showcase pages. If you’re time poor maybe focus updates on your Company pages alone and, of course, running around getting lots of people to like, comment and share it….
  4. In an attempt to cause a stir, I have added a question in the LinkedIn Community Support Forum.