Can You Love Your ATS? No, really

Can You Love Your ATS? No, really.

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At TruLondon last week, Lisa Scales from TribePad led a track called “You’ve lost that loving feeling, fall back in love with your ATS and stop hating.”

With upcoming HRTech and my disdain for any ATS or recruitment database spitting jobs out onto social media willy nilly, I simply had to sit in.


Can You Love Your ATS? No, really



Recruiters take ownership and kick the red tape away!

It was horrifying to hear how many of you are stuck in 5 year contracts with outdated ATS tech because IT or Procurement demanded it be so.

Look back over the last 5 years, hasn’t tech changed? Hasn’t how we recruit changed? Hasn’t how job seekers search changed? Hasn’t our reliance on devices sky rocketed? How mismatched is your recruitment tech to these changes? How could it change in the years ahead?

It’s a candidate driven market. That means your company needs to be doing every thing it can to make it easier for applicants.

That means using tech that evolves fast, keeps ahead of the curve, and is mobile ready.

Mobile ready now. Not next month, next year. Now!


Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher!

if the fact that 3 out of every 5 job seekers is searching on a mobile for jobs. But if this isn’t enough ammunition, surely ranking poorly on Google is?

If you don’t know how your site will fair, click the image below to try out Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. (I’m so happy with: Awesome!) Mobile ATS


Simplify your application process

Matt Charney raised a great point, “Why can’t we learn from eCommerce 2-click payments?”

Don’t send job seekers back to a desktop to complete their application because you’ll lose them! Make it easy, let them apply by connecting a social account or by enabling access to Drive, Dropbox etc so they can submit their CV.


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How does TribePad show candidate love?

TribePad is an award winning Social ATS/CRM platform that gives your organisation the most powerful tool in the market to manage your own recruitment processes from beginning to end and recruit the best talent for your organisation.

Lisa Scales shared countless gems on Friday, but as I am always concerned about how your disgruntled applicants may shout about you on social media, this is the bit I loved:


The candidate experience, to me, doesn’t just end at Apply. It is the whole process, so TribePad not only gives the candidate easy options in terms of applying for roles – CV parsing/apply with social network credentials, quick apply etc, it is also one of the only ATS’s that supports full AAA accessibility

It also gives the candidates a fuller experience by showing them behind a company’s closed doors with access to resources that allows them to select or deselect themselves from the process. TribePad is fully self service, so applicants know where they are in the process (solving the top gripe of all) and once through the process, the system also shows the applicant jobs they may be better suited too, in an Amazon style “people who applied for this job also…” 


How does Jobscience give candidates a voice?

As I won’t be able to grill them at HRTech, I caught up with Bennett Sung from Jobscience to hear what they do that helps applicants, (Did you hear our recent webinar?! If not click here!).

Jobscience is utilised by both agencies and in-house recruiting. As they’re native to Salesforce, they tend to be more attractive to agencies or in-house teams at consultancies because they can offer sales, recruiting and operations on a unified platform.

Our number 1 feature, that directly aligns with candidate experience, is our Feedback tool called Forms. Uniquely, Jobscience delivers a robust forms solution to enable talent acquisition to collect feedback at each stage of the hiring process, thus continuously allowing  engagement and process refinements. Jobscience also lets job seekers apply using their LinkedIn or Indeed profiles.

Wow, I wonder how many of us would be brave enough to gain regular feedback like that? It sure would allow us to improve though!


I’m looking forward to being on the blog squad at HRTech, as I’ll be giving the ATS / Recruitment Database companies a grilling because if you intend to improve your social recruiting, I don’t want your efforts being undermined where they should be supported.

What challenges would you like HRTech vendors to address?