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Creating Extraordinary Recruiters


What if there is an easier way?

For far too long, hiring managers have seen recruiters as a service. And one swift look at Recruiting Hell will tell you all you need to know about candidates’ opinions of us!

Yet, what we do is so important! But ask many recruiters and they will share that they are:

  • undervalued or unappreciated by stakeholders
  • under-funded because heaven forbid a company invest in the people who bring in the people!
  • using dysfunctional tech because it plugs into the tech that suits another department
  • and also burning out!

And so much of this happens because companies don’t invest in the human skills of their recruiters. Which is crazy when successful recruiters use these very skills to create partnerships with their hiring managers, candidates and other departments, including HR. When you create true partnerships, stakeholders see you as an equal. When you establish boundaries, you receive the tools, technology and commitment needed to do your job. Then recruitment has ease and stops causing you emotional strain.

So imagine what would happen if we shifted from trying to use tech or data to fix the human experience.

Envisage instead becoming an extraordinary recruiter. A recruiter who uses their human skills to give both hiring managers and candidates an exceptional experience.

Join the Mastermind and you could make this dream a reality.

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The Mastermind is a novel way of learning!

Each Mastermind Pod holds up to 15 people from across the world. Bringing their different recruitment and HR perspectives from their varies industries and cultures, joining virtually to grow through discussion and debate. They also take part in weekly challenges that develop their ‘human-first’ skills. I lead each Mastermind Pod, occasionally bringing in specialists for extra oomph! And your Pod-Peers hold you accountable and support you in a safe space.

The Mastermind is:

  • a cost-effective 12-month programme developing the human skills that ensure recruitment success! 
  • Your commitment to 1 hour per month together and weekly challenges that incorporate easily into your work routine.
  • An interactive safe space to try, learn, rethink, and always grow in. In fact, you’ll grow in ways you will never expect!
  • Plus, it’s virtual so you can join us from anywhere.
  • You will also receive a signed copy of The Robot-Proof Recruiter book
  • Your opportunity to be coached & cajoled by its author, me, Katrina Collier!


Testimonial: Ewa Zajac

Testimonial: Juie Turney

Become extraordinary

At the end of the 12 months, you will be a certified Robot-Proof Recruiter. The future-proof skills you develop will ensure your success as a recruiter, by amplifying those qualities that energise human connection with both candidates and hiring managers.

*click the wording on each skill to see the full detail and a video explaining more

Recruiters play with people’s lives. If you take someone out of a job and place them into the wrong one and you could irreversibly damage their career or worse. Without trust, you will never get the information you need from your hiring managers, information which ensures you are sourcing the right person, or be able to woo a candidate away from their company when you do find them! Hence it is essential for recruiters to know how to develop trust and look like a recruiter worthy of someone’s time and trust.
Self-worth is a game-changer. It is a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. And if you have self-worth everything becomes easier: you will be less resistance to change, more inclined to stand up for yourself, more willing to hear another person’s opinion, and so on. Unfortunately, we too often base our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others, basing it falsely on appearance, wealth or achievements, for example. In business, toxic managers and cultures wear down self-worth. In my experience, life was harder before I found self-worth, so I truly believe it must be developed if HR and recruiters are to partner brilliantly with the business and hiring leaders.
Curiosity is key. The best recruiters look further, delve deeper, ask more questions, listen for the unspoken, question the status quo and strive to do better. They ask the ‘silly questions’ just in case, they source where others do not, and they know their marketplace and their company or client’s needs inside out, because they ask so many questions and look for answers. Without curiosity, you are hindering your recruitment but get curious and watch your recruitment transform.
Active Listening involves fully concentrating on what is being said rather than just passively ‘hearing’ the message. So you develop your active listening, you’ll hear from an expert for this one! Roderick Lambert is ex-HR and a talented Executive Coach, in fact he’s my coach! Without active listening, you won’t know what your candidates and hiring managers really want. Hence you will save your time and frustration connecting the two for a successful placement.

Put yourself in their shoes.Humans are sentient beings with the power to perceive, reason and think. People perceive more than your words, they feel your energy. Empaths are great at reading energy, hence empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Couple empathy with compassion, which is when you want the best for another person, and you will be able to provide true consultation to both your candidates and your hiring managers.
Self-awareness leads to self-responsibility. A recruiter’s role is so important, we are the face of our company or our client’s company. So understanding our internal stress, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, helps us to understand how we are being perceived at any moment. And this skill is crucial to ensuring the success of all parts of the hiring life cycle. Hence, self-awareness will help you develop throughout your career.
To influence is to woo. In many ways hiring is a lot like dating, we are looking for the perfect match. Influence is defined as ‘the power to have an effect on people or things, or a person’ and you will need the right kind of influence to persuade hiring managers, convert candidates and even to get HR to onboard well. You will also use influence in your career to get ahead.
Fearlessness used well is power. It’s the one that will make you say no, because sometimes, you simply have to say no! It’s the one that will make you contact people even if they scare you. It is also the one you’ll use to deliver feedback when you’d rather not to candidates and your managers or clients! It is the one that will push you to strive for the very best for you and your organisation when the inner voice is naysaying.

Clarity saves time! Providing transparency should be easy but so often you are relying on information from other people but if you aim for clarity your recruitment will run efficiently. Providing clarity will convert passive candidates into applicants and convert those knee-deep in your hiring process, into new employees. Offer clarity and watch your reputation grow as a recruiter worth their weight in gold.
Certainty = reliably true. Not something that seems realistic in an unpredictable recruitment process, but it’s what humans crave so it’s essential. By providing certainty of the expected process and outcomes, you will keep both your candidates and hiring managers confident in your ability. It doesn’t mean things won’t change; it’s about providing certainty to the best of your ability to ease the recruitment process for you, candidates and managers.
Personal development is a lifelong process. Over the previous 10 modules you will have gained the willingness and ability to flex your knowledge muscles and as well as gained new perspectives. But let’s really ensure your career remains future proof and expansive by ensuring you continue to experiment and develop.
Working together for a common purpose. By the end of the mastermind, you will have developed this one naturally! But in this our final module, you will leave with some final tips to refine your approach because the future of work is collaborative and project-based, whether you stay in recruitment or talent acquisition, or move onto a new career. You will also receive your Robot-Proof Recruiter Certification! 🙌🏻

If the information under each skill has left you with questions, see the FAQs below or contact Katrina.



Testimonial: Jayashree More

Liz Dowling The Robot-Proof Recruiter Mastermind is one of the most innovative and interactive learning experiences that I’ve seen in the talent acquisition space. Now, more than ever, recruiters need to focus on the skills that enable them to develop better relationships and experiences for candidates and hiring managers. Knowing your craft, having a global growth-mindset, and putting people first is paramount, and ensures that technology or automation can ’t replace you.
Liz Dowling

Invest in your career

Just 15 places are available for the next pod beginning on COMING SOON!



June Agrawal Mastermind

Katrina’s Mastermind sessions and challenges are thought-provoking. They have made me think about why I have some strong relations, while some are loose ends. They help me think about inner me, my past and present decisions, and my personal and professional values.

Mastermind has even helped me face some difficult past times; remembering how I felt, how I managed the situation, why I did what I did, and how I would do it differently now. It is helping me identify my strengths and weakness, and strengthening me every day. In our busy lives, I feel we all need this Mastermind to discover who we really are, what we could become, and how can we get better through learning. I am in constant learning and thinking mode Katrina, thanks for making it happen!

June Agrawal, Talent Acquisition Leader



There is a synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind pod. The beauty of a mastermind pod is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other, brainstorming ideas, and supporting each other with honesty, respect and compassion.
Of course, technology will always play an active role in our careers but it’s all about how you use it. Think of this as learning how to play a concerto on a piano! Technology works best when it’s in a supporting role and we are ‘playing’ it beautifully.
Each pod meets once a month for an hour via Zoom – then each week you receive a challenge that takes 10-15 minutes to complete over the course of 7 days. Some pod-peers are chattier than others so invest more time but that is a purely choice.
Training, even with the best intention, can be too much to implement and often gets left behind. Each challenge in the mastermind leads to continuous practical application, meaning it becomes second nature. Plus you’ll receive regular reminders to keep going and be held accountable by your pod peers.
Technically it is possible but there is a level of honesty, freedom and collaboration that comes from working with people outside of your organisation but let’s have a chat and see what is best for your people and team.

You will receive a copy of the recording and be able to ask questions in the group.
Certainly, let’s chat. It’s possible to add another currency or to be invoiced for the full amount, please contact Katrina. If you pay upfront, you will receive 1 month for free and I will donate 1 month to Hope for Justice, the most incredible charity.
Please contact Katrina. She’s happy to answer questions you have.


Scholarships & Grants

In these trying times, it’s incredible to see people paying-it-forward by sponsoring a place for a HR or recruiting professional whose role has been made redundant or is struggling for another reason. The hugest heartfelt thanks goes to Adam Gordon and:

Massive thank you also to Skillsmax for the technology grant that is enabling the mastermind to reach further and help more people.