Monitor your brand & avoid a hiring disaster

Monitor your brand & avoid a hiring disaster

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Would you withdraw a job offer based on online behaviour?

When I read this article, “The CEO of Zenefits had a brilliant response to an engineer who waffled about a job offer on Quora“, I could only congratulate Parker Conrad on his swift and decisive action to avoid a hiring disaster. Because why would you hire someone who isn’t excited about the opportunity to work at your company?

The background

Naively a developer, with a firm offer on the table, took to Quora and asked, “What is the best way to start my career: Uber or Zenefits?” He detailed the pros and cons of each company and quick as a flash, the CEO of Zenefits replied with:

Definitely not Zenefits.

And in the post, Parker Conrad goes on to explain why the job offer was withdrawn.

I am stunned that a developer, who uses the Internet as his playground, wouldn’t think that a technical company would be monitoring online behaviour!

The right move

There’s no denying it’s hard to hire programmers [here in the UK there are 5 job vacancies per developer] so withdrawing an offer isn’t an easy decision to make but Parker Conrad replied with exactly what I was thinking:

We really value people who “get” what we do and who *want* to work here, specifically. We don’t have terribly high regard for ppl who would choose where to work based on “buzzwords” and how big a brand it is (or simply to position themselves for later in their career) instead of something more foundational about the opportunity, the challenge, etc.”

Hiring someone who isn’t excited to work for your company will only mean pain in the long run.

They’ll no doubt be disruptive (in the old meaning of the word) and will likely leave as soon as another offer comes along, how much will that cost your company in time and money?


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Are you monitoring your brand?

The fact Parker is monitoring the Internet for mentions of Zenefits is impressive and too few companies do this.

3 quick things to do to get monitoring:

  1. Set up a Google Alert – in your company and your own name.
  2. Check Glassdoor and Indeed regularly – they are a goldmine of information, including feedback from job seekers about your interviews, so don’t ignore them (or your LinkedIn company pages for that matter!)
  3. Have a look at this list of social media monitoring tools over on Razorsocial and find one that suits your needs and budget.

People are already talking about your company online; monitoring could save you a lot of recruitment heartache!


And for you job seekers…

Don’t discuss job opportunities in a public forum like Quora. Even in a locked down profile on Facebook, I’d still be wary.

Go old school. Use the phone. Call a friend. Keep it off the Internet!


What do you think, should he have withdrawn the offer?