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Want to be able to ask questions and interact as if we were face-to-face? Book online social recruiting training sessions at a time to suit you, wherever you are in the world.

These are small group or one-to-one sessions delivered live via Zoom. By choosing online social recruiting training, where you can see me, I can see you, and it feels like I am sitting right next to you, you’ll gain the benefit of onsite training without the expense of pulling everyone off site for the day.

As in depth as face-to-face and just as tailored to your individual requirements. This is online social recruiting training that’s as flexible as you are!

Live online social recruiting training


As part of our drive to increase our Social Media Recruitment, we signed up for a series of social media webinars with The Searchologist. Firstly, Katrina allowed us to choose the best dates and timings and we signed up 5 participants; we had three over a three week period. This allowed us to use the new tips and links and report back in the next session on the results achieved. 

Katrina is very personable and knowledgeable about social recruiting and we certainly gained many new insights into how we can best use social media as a recruitment tool. It’s great value for money and Katrina allowed us to increase participants at no extra charge, something we have not been offered before. 

Al GhaliaI would highly recommend this method of training – clear, concise, up-to-date, cost effective and fun!

Sheila Roche, Recruitment Manager


Flexible sessions that maximise results

Your online social recruiting training sessions will include all or some of the following depending on you, your jobs, and your training needs.

There may be 500 million profiles on LinkedIn but the user base is low, only 106 million log in each month (that’s 1/10th the number that will log into Facebook today!) so discover how to use it as a starting point and how to massively improve your candidate response rates.

  • Improving your sourcing and recruiting on LinkedIn for free or very little.
  • How to look like a recruiter worth talking in this noisy world.
  • Using Chrome extensions to delve deeper and find the very important conversation starters that improve response rates.
  • All you need to know about Company pages, Job posts, Groups, and more.

The largest and most active social media talent pool is easy to recruit without being intrusive or creepy! As LinkedIn has removed networking features people have migrated their business conversations to Facebook; it’s time to recruit there too.

  • Using free tools to find and recruit people on Facebook, where 1 billion people log in every single day.
  • Protecting your privacy and professionalism (even though you won’t be adding anybody as a friend!)
  • How to contact people you find on Facebook without it being creepy or unprofessional.

Twitter has a buzzing user base nearly 3 times that of LinkedIn’s but unfortunately, many recruiters use it as a job board. Discover the right way to get a return from Twitter and its use for talent pooling, employer branding, and more.

  • How to get started and the essential elements required to gain and keep followers.
  • Ensuring your Twitter feed is more than a job post stream and full of relevant content.
  • Top tools for sourcing and engaging with potential new recruits.

There are 700 million Instagram users sharing millions of photos, stories and videos each day. It’s the perfect network for sourcing, engaging, recruiter and employer branding, and the easy sharing of employee generated content.

  • How to get started and the essential elements required to gain and keep followers.
  • Using employee generated content to attract new hires (easy & free!).
  • Top tools for sourcing and engaging with potential new recruits.

If you are strugg

  • Market reality check! Motivation to get creative with your tech hiring and improve response rates.
  • Finding people with technical skills on the sites like GitHub, Stackoverflow, Meetup, Bēhance and those relevant to your roles.
  • How to find contact details but more importantly, how to craft messages which gain a response.



I approached Katrina last year and as I wanted to learn more about the best way to approach candidates through different social media channels. Not only was it informative and really useful, she is also great fun to learn from! I’d highly recommend any of Katrina’s courses if you’re looking to maximise your sourcing skills in a competitive market.

Lucie Roberts, Recruitment Manager





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