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It would be amazing if people would work for free, but realistically people ask to be paid for their time and expertise to ensure that the exchange is fair. Just like your company does for its products and services.

Business is about fair exchange.

What you gain from time with me is

  • 18+ years of recruitment and talent acquisition experience.
  • A  sort-after HR & recruuitment  keynote at all the leading confereces globally.
  • A thought leader quoted in leading publications worldwide.
  • Access to the Author of Business Book Award Shortlisted book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter. 
  • An expert connected to all the other industry influencers.
  • Immediate help and feedback on your product or service.



To make the exchange fair, I ask you to support Hope for Justice who aim to end modern-day slavery affecting 40.3 million people. People are trapped in slavery near you, right now. This is a global issue and London is the capital of people trafficking.

As an Ambassador for Hope for Justice, I have been to Uganda twice to support the incredible staff. Words can barely express the impact your money will make and how far it stretches. On booking your brain picking session, I will ask you to make your donation here and then we can book a time to discuss your product or service.


HR Tech Product Reviews

I cannot possibly give my unpaid time to every HR or Recruitment tech company that asks me; I receive several each week. But I will happily carve out time for you, in exchange for your donation to Hope for Justice.

A £50 donation for 15 minutes or £100 donation for 30 minutes. Use the buttons below to book.


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More about #ConnectingHRAfrica & Hope for Justice

There are 40.3 million people impacted by slavery right now. Hope for Justice aims to end that.