Pick My Brain & Change A Life

Pick Katrina’s brain and change a life


pick my brain change a lifeAs much as Katrina loves your offer of a coffee meeting (because she really loves coffee!), it’s only fair that her clients get the best of her attention, availability and ‘brain picking’ access.

Conversations over coffee are often exploratory so let’s do that on a video chat or call. If you would like a ‘virtual coffee’ to discuss ways you can work with Katrina, book an exploratory call.

Exploratory Call


Business is about fair exchange.

Though it would be amazing if people could work for free, realistically people ask to be paid for their time and expertise to ensure that the exchange is fair. Just like your company does for its products and services.

What you gain from time with Katrina Collier is

  • 17 years of recruitment and talent acquisition experience
  • A respected voice in the industry; a keynote on global stages and quoted in leading publications worldwide
  • Access to a published author who is connected to the leading industry influencers
  • Immediate help from an industry expert 



To make the exchange fair, Katrina will ask you to support Hope for Justice

Your tax-deductible donation will help a vulnerable child leave the slums and support them through their entire 2 year programme, returning them to a safe and loving home. Katrina is an Ambassador for Hope for Justice and as part of #ConnectingHRAfrica has been to Uganda twice to support the incredible staff. Words can barely express the impact your money will make and how far it is stretched.

On booking your brain picking session, Katrina will ask you to make your donation here and then you can both get working.


Ready to pick Katrina’s brain and change a life?

2-hour intensive

If you are ready to do some work on your candidate experience/engagement issues or even other recruitment problems right now and would love to brain storm some immediate solutions, grab a 2-hour ‘pick my brain session’ below. Your fully tax deductible payment of £330 will cover the entire 2 year Hope for Justice programme for one child and you could have immediate solutions to some of your most annoying problems!

2 Hour Intensive


If you believe it reasonable to make a donation to charity in fair exchange for Katrina’s opinion on your technology or another idea you seek to validate, choose a shorter session below. You’ll support Hope for Justice with a £50 donation for 15 minutes or £100 donation for 30 minutes.

15 Minutes

30 Minutes



More about #ConnectingHRAfrica & Hope for Justice

There are 40.3 million people impacted by slavery right now. Hope for Justice aims to end that.