Pick My Brain & Change A Life

Pick Katrina’s brain and change a life


pick my brainAs much as Katrina loves your offer of a coffee meeting (because she really loves coffee!) it’s only fair that her clients get the best of her attention, availability and ‘brain picking’ access.

Conversations over coffee are often exploratory so let’s do that on a video chat or call. If you would like a ‘virtual coffee’ to discuss ways you can work with Katrina, book an exploratory call.

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Want to solve your candidate engagement issues right now?

If you are ready to do some work, perhaps you’d like to brain storm some immediate solutions or you want some ways right now that will improve your candidate engagement and response rates, grab a 2-hour ‘pick my brain session’ for £330.

“£330, Katrina!” 

Yes! You’ll be putting that, as a fully tax deductible donation, directly to Hope for Justice and your £330 will help one child leave the street and support them through their entire 2 year programme, returning them to a safe and loving home. Katrina is an Ambassador for Hope for Justice and as part of #ConnectingHRAfrica has been to Uganda twice to support the incredible staff. Words can barely express the impact your money will make and how far it is stretched.

On booking your 2-hour session, Katrina will ask you to deposit your £330 here and then you can get right into solving your candidate engagement issues. It’s their market and it takes more than a personalised email to attract attention so let’s make sure you know what you need to do to take the pain out of your recruitment.

I want to pick your brain!