You Can Recruit On Snapchat, How?

You Can Recruit On Snapchat, How?

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Really, you can recruit on snapchat?

To be honest, just last month I spoke at RecruitDC in front of 300 Recruiters and said, “I don’t get it!” …’cause I hadn’t seen anyone actually recruit on Snapchat! Nor did I find the app easy to use.

And then on the nagging advice of some savvy-snappers, I gave it another try and discovered a buzzing community of Recruiters who are doing great things. My opinion has changed and in just a few short weeks, I’m an addict.


Once you’ve got your head around using it (I’ve created a free video user guide, see below), it’s really easy to create content that can attract people on Snapchat itself but also be used on all of your other social media sites.

So now Snapchat has passed 150 million daily active users, which is 50 million more than LinkedIn has each month, this is my opinion:


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To help demystify Snapchat and ensure you use it well, I’ve created a free training course. Get started here. No catch!

It’ll give you all you need to get started, create a good profile, find people, and start sharing snaps. Plus with a little help from my friends, you’ll find 10 tips for great Snapchat social recruiting.


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