Recruiter, Are You Worth Talking To?

Recruiter, Are You Worth Talking To?

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The world has become so incredibly noisy and demanding. Instant.

Last week I was chatting on Skype with a non-recruitment friend, unaware of what was going on in his world, when the stress of it all became too much.

He snapped.

It was out of character and happened because he was also being bombarded by email, phone, text, DM, and other IM chats, all at once. He felt that everyone needed an instant response.

Right or wrong, it’s how the world has gone.

It was why I was annoyed yesterday when I couldn’t get my washing machine fixed instantly. I was fuming at having to wait, which is quite unreasonable really.

When were you last irritated by being unable to reach someone there and then to resolve a matter?


But do you deserve that moment of a person’s time?

While writing this, I asked 2 In-house Recruiters, who happened to be chatting with me on Skype and Twitter, what other communication channels they had open…

The Millennial ( …and you know I think these terms are tosh, so really this just proves my point)

  • Email, phone, text and actual in-person colleagues
  • Twitter DM (with me!) , Whatsapp, Facebook chat, Hangouts

The Gen X’er  (…against all silly typecasting had many more channels open!)

  • Email, phone, text and actual in-person colleagues
  • Skype IM (with me!), Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Facebook messaging
  • Kik, Slack
  • 3 different Workables

So if this is all going on in your world, why think it’s not going on in theirs?

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Are you worth talking to?

Finding people online is easy. Digging a bit deeper with the plethora of free tools available, is also easy.

Getting a response is not. It requires a little bit of effort.

Are you making the effort to be heard above the noise?

Are you using all of the intel you collate in your correspondence or calls with candidates or are you being lazy and adding to the noise?

All the sourcing tools in the world won’t help if you’re forgetting the basics and cutting corners because it is a candidate driven market once more.

What worked in the past, won’t now.


What’s in it for them?

Talking to a potential candidate, right there and then is critical to you and only you.

Your job opportunity is most likely far from the highest priority in this person’s working day.

They have their own activities, they have their own stresses, they are busy.

What does your interruption cost them?

Could they lose their coding flow, burst their creative bubble, or be negatively impacted in countless other ways?


Get curious

Do your research. Be mindful of their time.

Open strongly showing that you are knowledgable of their situation and suitability.

Throw in an element of surprise, a recent update or blog post should do the trick.

Above all, be someone worth talking to.