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Recruiters, Data Analytics Matters | @Jiri_Herodek on The #SocialRecruiting Show

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Using data analytics for the long-term perspective

We welcome, this week’s guest  Jiri Herodek. We invite him on the show to tell us, and the wider recruitment community, why data analytics matters. He begins by telling us why data analytics is important to him, “you have to know where and how to improve and the only way you can improve is through numbers”.

Firstly,  we ask him what the catalyst was for him at the beginning of his journey with data analytics. His response, “It was 2015 when I was actually analysing my own data to see how many people applied. It wasn’t just about response rates. I was interested in why people replied, why some people didn’t reply”.

More importantly, acknowledging that recruiters use analytics in different ways. He went onto say, “what recruiters should also be doing is experimenting. Unfortunately, many recruiters don’t have time because they are filling jobs”.

Data-driven Decision Making

In addition, we asked Jiri how valued the recruitment data is to individuals, teams, and the business. More importantly, businesses outside of the talent acquisition function.  Jiri’s response, “it’s super important, this is what I always show to our Hiring Managers”. From this statement, we cover the data that illustrates the talent pool size. For example, how you can use data to agree on an expansion of the search criteria, for example, skills or location. Furthermore,  how you can provide an overall view of the talent market.

We go on to ask what data points he uses to analyse first-contact messages to candidates. His response, “I experimented with which type of message is successful. It had to be relevant and personalised. What I found is the message has to be as short as possible”. In short, personalised, targeted, and economical in terms of word count!


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Jiri talk about:

  • Analysing your social media posts for engagement. 
  • What makes recruiters great? 
  • Finding the right channels to engage candidates.
  • Managing Hiring Manager’s expectations using data.
  • Using data in Hiring Manager in-take sessions.
  • Top 3 data metrics for recruiters.


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