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Focus on your own human sustainability – Get your Mojo back!

Firstly, when you’re discussing options to get your mojo back as a recruiter!.  The traditional advice might be things like ‘get on the phone’ or ‘find that unicorn candidate and the placement is yours!’. However, this kind of thinking is less valuable in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Especially with the economic downturn continuing to impact businesses across the globe.

Secondly,  this may sound bleak, but fear not!.  This week’s guest was Felicity King.  On the positive side, Felicity has several suggestions and advice to kick-start your recruitment mojo again!. As a former Science Teacher, turned Leadership Coach turned recruitment business owner, she knows a thing or two about motivating the individual and “human sustainability”.

We begin by asking Felicity, what are we talking about when we refer to an individual’s mojo. She says, “everyone will interpret it differently, won’t they. You’ll have people that instantly think about energy. You’ll have some people that’ll break it down and ask, am I physically awake or tired and am I emotionally awake or tired’ and I think it’s both’.

Choice is part of change

We go on and ask Felicity about the importance of certain qualities that help human sustainability. She refers to resilience and she tells us, “you have to travel through something uncomfortable, to realise it’s normal”. In addition, she talks about the need for recognising your emotions. For this reason, she discusses how to control the fight-or-flight mechanism in the brain.

We asked Felicity about the recruiter that’s been furloughed. How would she suggest they get their mojo back? Her response, “if you’ve been furloughed for a prolonged period, with little contact. Or even being involved in any development, you’ve got that sense of disconnect”.

Equally important, she says that “the most powerful ways I’ve found of reconnecting people with their mojo and sense of purpose is to focus on that self-awareness. Start some simple analysis of what your strengths are”.


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Felicity talk about:

  • Assessing your own human sustainability.
  • Self-awareness of your varying states of mental health.
  • Effecting change on your body (your brain and your glucose levels).
  • Strength and values analysis = personal development.
  • The value of empathetic client conversations. 
  • Share content with value for your audience – stop selling!


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