This recruitment tool will help you hook more great applicants!

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Add as a recruitment tool & attract more!

I happened across an article today that promised to convert your followers into users and customers, and immediately thought, wow, would make a great addition to your recruitment tool set! adds a message (call to action) onto every piece of content you share.

Yours or another’s! This is me taking a snip of’s about page:

sniply recruitment tool

There is so much potential to use it in your recruitment.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that content marketing is an essential part of attracting the right people through your employer brand.

  • Step 1 – define who you want to attract to your company & jobs.
  • Step 2 – find the right people to follow (for Twitter, grab the eBook).
  • Step 3 – share content that these people will be interested in – yours or others – so they follow you back and engage.
  • Step 4 – use!

Simply download the Chrome extension or install the Bookmarklet, and use it in conjunction with Buffer or Hootsuite. All I did here, was click on my Buffer extension and appeared like magic.



Try something like:

“Have you heard? [company] is hiring! [link]”

“Watch our latest video and see why our employees love us! [link]”

“Hear our [person] interviewed about our latest project”


How could you use as a recruitment tool?